Don’t Hide Your Legs this Summer!

Planning to hide your legs this coming summer? When everyone is out in the street wearing short shorts are you still wearing your jeans? Dry skin in the leg area is the most common reason why most women hide their legs. This is of course very uncomfortable in the summer time as the hot temperature calls for less covering.

When you have dry skin in your legs hiding your legs is most definitely not the best solution. You are not doing anything to address your problem of dry skin. You are only making yourself uncomfortable and further more irritating your skin.

This summer don’t hide your legs anymore. Instead do your research and find out how you can bring back moisture in your skin. The best news is correcting dry skin is actually easy and the techniques won’t cost you a fortune.

How to Tackle Dry Skin

  1. Moisturise daily! – Apply moisturiser everyday. For best results use Argan oil as your skin moisturiser. Argan oil actually moisturises dry and flaky skin. One of its components is Sterols which is very helpful in retaining moisture in the skin. Sterols also keep the skin cell membranes healthy and improve skin’s metabolism. This oil also has components very beneficial to the skin such as Vitamin E which nourishes the skin, Polyphenols, Ferulic acid, Linoleic acid and Carotenoids fight skin aging.
  2. Avoid hot baths and hot showers! – The hot temperature of water actually dries the skin. This is because it strips the skin of its essential oils and moisture. Switch to lukewarm baths and showers and cut down your time spent bathing or showering to 15 minutes.
  3. Tap dry! – If you have had the habit of rubbing your skin dry with your towel then it is time to switch to tapping your skin dry instead. Tapping the skin dry allows the skin to keep some of its moisture and essential oils unlike rubbing which completely robs the skin of its moisture. Tapping dry keeps your skin damp which is the best condition for applying moisturiser.
  4. Apply sunscreen lotion daily! – This is very important and you have to remember that your skin needs sunscreen protection everyday and not just when in the beach. UV rays from the sun bring about wrinkles by destroying collagen. This makes the texture of your skin rough and dry. For your dry skin get a sunscreen lotion with moisturising. By applying sunscreen lotion daily you are also protecting your self from getting skin cancer. Be sure to make this a daily habit if you want to say goodbye to your dry skin.
  5. Avoid alcohol and start on quitting smoking! – If you are a chain smoker and you drink heavily you should not wonder why your skin is dry. Alcohol dehydrates the skin while cigarettes have toxins that destroy collagen production and rob the blood vessels nearest to the skin of oxygen. This leads to wrinkly, rough and dry skin.
  6. Start eating healthy! – You should see to it that you are eating healthy and balanced meals everyday. Be sure to include foods that are high in omega 3 fatty acids.

These 6 steps would definitely help you improve your skin and definitely this summer you can show off your smooth legs. Start shopping for short shorts!

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