Home Remedies for Acne Scars!

The problem with pimples is that the bigger they are, the stronger our need…or rather…urge to prick them and pop them and squeeze them to oblivion. Unfortunately, the more we try to hurt these enemies of ours, the more likely they are to strike back…in the form of unsightly, dark, acne scars that we’ll likely have FOREVER!!!

Okay, not forever…if you do something about it. The darkness of your scars will naturally lighten in the next two years as new collagen forms. However, the affected area will still be darker to some extent because hair follicles and sweat glands will not return. You can still make this area relatively lighter though with these simple home remedies. Do these treatments regularly and you’ll soon forget that you had those acne scars in the first place.

Simple Remedies for Acne Scars

Argan Oil
You don’t need a pen or paper for this. There are no formulas or combinations to memorize. Just apply a few drops of the Argan oil on the affected area regularly and that’s it. Hailed as the liquid gold, Argan oil can help lighten acne scars thanks to its vitamin E. Vitamin E has long been a staple in cosmetic products for its presumed antioxidant effects. Vitamin E is believed to also help in promoting faster wound healing and lightening of scars. Argan oil is believed to be a treatment for various skin conditions such as dermatitis and acne however, scientific studies for this are lacking.

Honey and Lemon
If you’re the type who enjoys concocting stuff then you can try out this simple remedy at home. Squeeze lemon juice into a small bowl. Cleanse face with warm water and dab lemon juice onto the scarred area using a cotton ball. Leave it for 5 to 10 minutes before washing it off with warm water. The acidity of lemon juice will help lighten scars eventually. Before going to bed, apply manuka honey on the troubled spot. Let it dry before sleeping. Wash off in the morning. For a sweet kick, you can add a tablespoon of cinnamon for every 3 tablespoon of manuka honey. Make sure to apply a moisturizer on the affected area in the morning before going out. These treatments will make the scarred area more sensitive to the sun so it’s best to apply also sunscreen on top of the moisturizer.

It is best to consult a dermatologist for treatments on acne scars rather than self-medicating Also, honey and lemon can cause irritation in some skin types so don’t worry too much if you started itching. If problem persists though, go back to your doctor.

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