Homemade Hair Treatments that Absolutely Work!

Face it. You could do with an extra trip to the hair salon, but the expense for a quick fix just doesn’t seem to be worth it. Why not consider doing your own hair care at home? It’s convenient, affordable, and surprisingly easy to do. Don’t worry. You don’t need a styling degree to be able to pull off effective homemade hair care products.

All hair types

Eggs are a good source of natural fats and proteins, and they provide bactericidal enzymes, cleaning as it goes. In addition, you can choose which part of the egg to use: the egg yolk is great for dry hair, whereas the egg white works well on oily hair.

Pour in ½ cup of egg yolk or whites into the palm of your hand, and carefully apply to strands. If you need more than half a cup, feel free to use more as needed. After twenty minutes, use cool water to rinse the egg out of your hair and then proceed to your normal hair routine. Keep in mind that you can only apply yolk treatment once a month, and white treatment every two weeks.

Is your hair dull?

So your hair looks a bit dull. Not to worry. It’s nothing that a little yogurt can’t reverse. The power to rejuvenate dull hair isn’t exclusive to yogurt. Most dairy products can work wonders on dry, brittle hair. Lactic acid removes dirt and milk fat provides moisture. Use the same procedure as with the egg; one half cup or yogurt into damp hair, and allow it to stay for twenty minutes. Repeat every other week.

Can’t stop scratching your scalp?

Usually caused by dandruff, an itchy scalp can be remedied by a mixture of lemon juice and Argan oil. Mix two tablespoons of lemon juice, two tablespoons of Argan oil, and two tablespoons of water. Massage this mixture into the scalp to get rid of itching as well as dryness. The oil is loaded with Vitamin E and essential fatty acids which protect the scalp as well as the hair. These nutrients would not only nourish your hair and scalp, they would also control overproduction of sebum. The fungus causing dandruff feeds on sebum. A dandruff-free head will always start with a healthy scalp! The acidity of lemon will also help get rid of the fungus responsible for causing dandruff. Repeat this treatment every other week.

Want to give your hair more body?

Surprisingly, beer can help add volume to limp hair, though not by drinking it. Beer contains a lot of yeast, which can help plump up your hair strands. Mix half a cup of flat beer with a teaspoon of light oil and a raw egg. Apply to hair, let sit for fifteen minutes, and then rinse. Repeat every other week.

Is your hair too greasy?

A tablespoon of cornmeal or cornstarch sprinkled directly on the scalp can help remove oil and grease. Use a hair brush to brush out the cornstarch completely. Repeat treatment every other day.

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