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How Do You Make DIY Honey Shampoo?

Honey is a unique substance because it’s a natural sugar produced by bees. In fact, honey is the result of collected pollen and a specialized digestive process. You may already know that honey offers you a natural sugar for your cooking, but it also gives you several health benefits.

From soothing the throat to helping your cardiovascular system, honey does a lot of good for your internal health. It also plays a major role with your skin and hair. Get to know honey so that you can make your own DIY shampoo with the purest ingredients around.

1. Protects The Scalp

When you wash your hair with manufactured shampoos, you’re stripping the oils from the scalp and shafts. The body responds to this activity with more oils. As a result, your hair ends up greasier than ever within a few hours of shampooing.

Honey shampoo is different because it offers these nourishing benefits, including:

• Balances the scalp’s oil instead of removing it

• Moisturizes the skin and hair

The hair remains cleaner for a longer time period without any extra shampooing. You’ll end up saving money on beauty products as a result.

2. Fights Off Germs

Bees create honey to protect their young and nourish them simultaneously. Because honey must have a long shelf life for the bees, it has two protective features, such as:

• Antifungal protection

• Antibacterial strength

These features extend to the areas being treated, including your hair and skin. As you rub it into your body tissues, they’re instantly protected with antifungal and antibacterial benefits. If you suffer from any scalp issues, such as dandruff, it’s possible for the condition to ease as you use the DIY honey shampoo.

3. Complementary pH

Your body is very sensitive to acids and bases. These substances are measured on a pH scale. Because honey has germ-fighting features, its pH is slightly acidic at a level 4 value. Your skin typically has a similar pH, which makes honey a natural complement to your body chemistry.

Sensitive scalps and other skin areas won’t feel any stinging or other discomfort from the DIY honey shampoo. It should lather up and rinse off with ease. You may notice that the lather actually moisturizes your body as it runs down to the drain.


4. Gathering Up The Ingredients

DIY honey shampoo is incredibly simple to make. Gather these three ingredients, including:

• Filtered water

• Raw honey

• Argan oil

The addition of the argan oil only enhances the cleansing process. This pure oil comes from a nut found in Morocco. As it mixes with the honey, you’ll have even more moisturizing power. The oil is very light as well, which reduces any buildup you might see on the hair shaft.

5. Creating Your Product

Because you can go without a shampoo for several days, you’ll want to mix a fresh batch with each treatment. For one shampoo session, mix these ingredients together, including:

• 3 tablespoons filtered water

• 4 drops argan oil

• 1 tablespoon raw honey

You can warm up the mixture so that the honey melts into the other ingredients. You’ll want a cohesive mixture before the shampooing process. Rub it into your hair, and proceed to wash your head as you would with everyday shampoos.

Mix up your own shampoo today to see the results everyone is enjoying. Share your experiences in the comment section below. Your hair and skin can look many years younger with a few showers using your DIY shampoo.


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