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What Are Effective Homemade Spa Treatments?

Heading out to the spa used to be the only choice for people concerned with their skin or hair care. After spending countless dollars, you’re now realizing that the best spa is actually in your kitchen. Homemade spa treatments are easy to mix and apply at home. Follow these instructions so that you can take the years off your skin by using foods and oils found around the home.

1. Tea For The Hair

Hot tea isn’t just a treat for your tongue because this nutrient-packed drink also has beauty applications for your hair. From chamomile to black tea, these plant-based drinks offer several benefits for your hair, including:

• Softness

• Easy styling

• Shininess

Steep a tea bag in one cup of water. Allow the tea to cool so that it’s comfortable to the touch. As you rest in a bath after work, pour the drink over your hair. Allow it to soak in for at least 10 minutes.

2. Foot Spa With Epsom Salts

Add a half-cup of Epsom salts to a foot bath, and turn on the massaging jets. Your feet will be instantly relaxed with the warm water and high-sodium content. Epsom salts treat your feet with these benefits, including:

• Reducing inflammation

• Removing toxins

• Contributing to relaxed muscles

You can also add some argan oil into the foot bath because this additive only encourages soft skin after the treatment. Taking care of your feet alone helps you rejuvenate when an entire bath isn’t possible.


3. Argan Oil Exfoliating Fun

For every inch of your skin, grab a bottle of argan oil. This nut-based oil is entirely pure, and it has both moisturizing and exfoliating benefits. In fact, Catherine Zeta-Jones will often cover her entire face in argan oil alone. This nearly 50-year-old movie star knows the benefits of this beauty secret.

To exfoliate your skin across the entire body, mix equal amounts of argan oil, raw oatmeal and brown sugar together. Rub this mixture onto your skin in the shower when the water is shut off. Rinse it off afterward, and you’ll have renewed skin.

4. Hand Heaven With Oils

Try a blender trick for a unique hand treatment by mixing these ingredients together, including:

• Banana

• Cold cream

• Argan oil

This mixture is meant to be put on when you’re out of the shower. Lather it onto your hands, put on rubber or latex gloves and allow the mixture to absorb into your skin. When you wash it off later on, the skin has a hydrated look and feel that can last for days.

5. Sweet Treats For The Face

Give yourself a facial that you’ll never forget. Mash strawberries in a bowl along with some honey. Apply it to your face with careful, circular motions. With a warm-water rinse afterward, you’ll feel the years come off of your face.

As an added bonus, mix a few drops of argan oil into this recipe. The extra nutrients will perk up the skin while retaining any moisture. A glowing complexion is always a welcome side effect to spa treatments.

From the moment that you mix together those ingredients, take a picture and share this information with your friends. Post it online so that everyone knows the best way to take care of your skin. There’s no reason to spend so much money on manufactured products. Your kitchen is a valuable resource.


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