Honey Glazed Chicken Recipe

Would you agree if somebody declares that fried chicken is a piece of heaven on earth? Or perhaps bliss? Did you ever hear someone talk about chicken this way? If you have tasted this recipe for honey glazed chicken, you’ll probably feel the same way and utter these things. The summer season is the time for barbecue parties and this recipe of honey glazed chicken, although technically not a barbecue, will surely make your taste buds go crazy. If you are planning a small summer get together with your friends and relatives, don’t take out your grill this time. Instead of serving barbecued chicken or barbecued pork, serve a plateful or two of honey glazed chicken. This chicken dish is perfect served with ice-cold beer!

Yummy Honey Glazed Chicken

Here’s a recipe for 4 to 6 guests! Let us move on to the ingredients! Ingredients Here’s a list of what you need for this oh so yummy chicken recipe!
  • All-Purpose Flour – You will need about half a cup.
  • Salt – Just a teaspoon will do.
  • Cayenne Pepper – Half a teaspoon is enough.
  • Chicken – You can use a broiler or fryer chicken. For 6 people about 3 pounds is enough. Don’t forget to cut up the chicken.
  • Butter – Half a cup of melted butter is what you’ll need. This should be divided.
  • Brown Sugar – You’ll need a quarter cup.
  • Honey – A quarter cup is enough.
  • Lemon Jiuce – Just a quarter cup will do.
  • Soy Sauce – You’ll need just a tablespoon. It is best to use the reduced-sodium soy sauce but you can also make use of the regular soy sauce.
  • Curry Powder – You’ll need just 1 and 1/2 teaspoons.
Now that you have everything you need for this recipe, it is time to start getting busy in the kitchen. You’ll need to spend about 2 hours in cooking up this chicken recipe. Prep time is pretty fast, lasting only 15 minutes. The baking part though will eat about 1 hour to 1 hour and 25 minutes. Instructions Grab a zip lock and start mixing the flour, salt and cayenne pepper. Put in the chicken pieces and shake the bag to coat them nicely. Once done, grab your baking pan and pour in about 4 tablespoons of melted butter. Add in pieces of chicken in the baking pan. Turn the pieces once to coat each piece nicely. Now the chicken is ready to get baked for half an hour at 350 degrees Celsius without cover. While the chicken is baking, start mixing the sugar, honey, soy sauce, curry powder, lemon juice and of course the melted butter left aside. Pour this mixture over the chicken and then bake it for an additional 45 minutes or once the chicken gets tender. Remember to baste a few times with pan drippings. Right before serving, drizzle the chicken with Moroccan Argan oil or have a dip of Argan oil ready on the side. The oil will give this honey glazed chicken a nutty taste and of course an extra healthy boost.