How Argan Oil Can Help Give You a Beautiful Set of Nails

Caring for your nails is essential if you want to keep them healthy and beautiful. A beautiful set of nails is eye catching while an unkempt set of nails send out the wrong impression. Unhealthy nails due to neglect also become prone to breakage and splitting which can make you vulnerable to nail infection.

Proper Nail Care

Proper nail care involves following a healthy lifestyle and good nail practices. Nails need certain nutrients such as protein, B-complex, vitamins C, A, E and D. Calcium, zinc, iron and iodine are also essential in keeping the nails healthy. If the nails are deprived of these nutrients they dry out, become brittle, weak, and dull. Good nail practices include regular trimming of the nails and keeping them moisturized. What’s a great nail moisturizer? An excellent choice is the Argan oil. This oil hails all the way from Morocco and has smitten the hearts of many women all over the world because of its beauty benefits.

How is Argan Oil Great for the Nails?

Argan oil is hailed for its moisturizing prowess for the skin and hair. And it also does the same job for the nails. Its moisturizing properties come from Vitamin E, essential fatty acids, and sterols.

How to Use Argan Oil on Your Nails

If you want to soften your cuticles and keep your nails moisturized, Argan oil can help. Here’s how.
  • Combine Argan oil with an equal amount of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Use a bowl big enough to fit both your hands in. Make sure that you mix the oil and lemon juice well.
  • Start soaking your fingertips in the Argan oil and lemon juice mixture. Let them soak for about 15 minutes.
  • After 15 minutes, rinse your hands and use a soft, clean towel to pat your hands including the nails until damp.
  • Use about 2 drops of Argan oil to massage deeply into the nails and cuticles.
You’ll soon have moisturized nails and cuticles and a beautiful set of nails in no time. Use this treatment at least once a week. You can also simply coat your nails with Argan oil before going to bed. Rinse the oil away in the morning using clean water.

Harmful Habits for the Nails

There are certain practices that damage the nails. These are nail biting, nail tapping, and using the nails in opening letters, soda can tabs, and in removing stickers and tapes. Avoiding these habits is essential in keeping the nails healthy and beautiful. Like our Facebook page and share this post to your friends.