How Cigarette Smoking Destroys Your Body and Your Overall Health

All over the world, thousands have fallen victim to the ill effects of smoking. Smoking can cause a wide range of illnesses and each year, the fatality rate from diseases caused by smoking reach hundreds of thousands globally.

Just how dangerous is smoking?

According to statistics 1 out of 2 lifetime smokers will die from this bad habit. An estimated half of these deaths will happen by the time the smoker reaches middle age.

Illnesses Connected with Smoking

  • Cancers
    Experts have stated that smoking is a contributor to various types of cancers such as lung cancer, mouth cancer, throat cancer, stomach cancer, bladder cancer as well as colon cancer. One’s risk of developing these types of cancer gets even higher when one smokes and consumer alcohol too often.
  • Lung Cancer and Emphysema
    The most common type of cancer associated with smoking is lung cancer. Statistically speaking, 1 in 4 smokers will die of this cancer. The risk of developing lung cancer in male smokers is a bit higher compared to female smokers. Males who smoke have a 20% increased risk of getting lung cancer while women who smoke have a 13% increased risk of developing lung cancer.The tar in cigarettes is what causes lung cancer. When you smoke, you are coating your lungs with tar. Picture a chimney coated with soot. That’s exactly what happens to your lungs when you smoke. If you smoke 20 sticks per day in a year this amounts to a cup or 210 grams of tar that you have breathed in. Some smokers think that changing to low-tar cigarettes will help lower their chances of developing lung cancer but this is not helpful since usually low-tar cigarettes make smokers puff deeper and hold the smoke in their mouths longer which result to the tar being dragged deeper down into the lungs. Years of smoking can cause the lungs to swell up and when this happens less air gets in to the lungs. Emphysema is very common in smokers. Someone with emphysema has lungs that slowly rot away. They usually have a hard time breathing and are very prone to respiratory infection. Emphysema can lead to the failure of both the lungs and the heart.
  • Heart Diseases
    Smoking strains your heart and blood vessels. This is because the chemicals in cigarettes, which are nicotine and carbon monoxide triggers your heart rate and your blood pressure to soar up. Heart attacks and a stroke is a very likely possibility. The carbon monoxide in cigarettes deprives the muscles, brain and tissues oxygen. As a result the heart is driven to work harder which can lead to heart attacks and other heart problems.
  • Amputation of the Limbs
    Smoking also causes blood flow to slow down which usually leads to the supply of oxygen to the feet and hands being cut off. As a result, some smokers had to have their limbs amputated.
  • Early Skin Aging
    Smoking also causes the skin to age early. If you don’t want wearing wrinkles very early on, you should start quitting now.

The time to quit smoking is now!

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