How Do You Keep Your Nails Healthy?

Before you worry about what style or color you’ll wear your nails in, you have to make sure first that they are healthy. How do you keep them healthy? Getting a deeper understanding of your nails is an important key to keeping them healthy.

We all know that nails serve us a great deal of function and this is why we should care for them. You might not even notice but you use your nails every single day. Plus your nails serve as a protection to your nerves located in your fingertips as well as toes. Your nails also say much about your overall health and how well you have been feeding your body. If you suffer from weak or brittle nails this may point to a lack in certain nutrients and vitamins. There are several nutrients that the nails need to stay strong. Are you sure your diet includes these nutrients?

Are you eating enough food sources with calcium?

When your nails are all brittle and dry, you most probably don’t have enough calcium in your body. You can easily make your nails healthy and well-moisturized by adding foods packed with calcium in your diet. The best sources of calcium are dairy and vegetables. You also need to up your intake of Vitamin D as this nutrient helps the body absorb calcium better.

Does your diet include protein?

If your nails are starting to show white bands or opaque bands in them, you may be suffering from protein deficiency. Your nails are made up of keratin, the same type of protein your hair is made up of. If you are noticing that your nails have pool growth, this is another sign of protein deficiency. Great sources of protein include egg whites, lean red meats, fish and low fat dairy products.

Are you getting enough iron?

Do your nails break easily? Do they look pale and are they sporting ridges? This can be a sign of iron deficiency. To make sure that your body is getting enough iron eat whole grain breads, cereals as well as pastas as they are packed with this mineral. Iron can also be found in legumes, meat, dark leafy greens and egg yolks.

Is zinc present in your diet?

If your nails are weak and showing white spots then your body may not have enough zinc. Seafood, poultry and eggs are packed with zinc. Brewer’s yeast and whole grains are loaded with this nutrient.

Been ignoring Omega-3 essential fatty acids?

You’ll end up with weak and splitting nails if your diet lacks the omega-3 essential fatty acids. Munch on some walnuts, almonds and flax seeds to get your needed dose of Omega 3!

Are you eating foods packed with Vitamins A and B?

Fragile and brittle nails may be because of a lack in Vitamins A and B. Deficiency of these nutrients can also spell dry nails. Biotin is a B vitamin which helps strengthen nails and prevent them from getting brittle. B complex vitamins and Vitamin A also help in strengthening the nails.

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