How Do You Manage Stress?

You should not let stress rule your life. If you do, you’ll end up looking older than your age and even get sick often. If your job or any other aspect of your life is stressing you out you should first identify what is causing the stress so that you can start your way to feeling better. The worst thing you can do when under a lot of stress is to turn to unhealthy things such as smoking or drinking thinking that these things will help you cope with the stressful situation. How you react to stress makes a world of difference. It will be helpful to keep in mind that all problems have solutions. To manage stress well you need to work on building your emotional strength, take control of the situation at hand, learn to adopt a positive outlook in life and have a good social network for support. Here are some helpful tips on how to deal with stress. Sweat it out. If you are facing a stressful situation, start doing some physical activity. Physical activities make you feel strong and when it comes to fighting stress, you need to be mentally strong. Doing physical activities make you feel good as the brain starts releasing feel good chemicals called serotonin. These chemicals help you get in the right state of mind therefore allowing you to pinpoint the cause of what’s stressing you out and find the solution for it. Be in control. If you keep on thinking that you can’t do anything about the problem at hand, you’ll feel more stressed out. You should learn to believe that each problem has a solution. When you take the reins of control to solve a problem, you feel empowered already and this is a crucial factor in finding a solution to the problem. Stay in touch with your support network. When under a lot of stress, don’t keep to yourself as you are only allowing the stress to build up and build up. Instead, connect with the people you consider as your support group. Talk to your friends, your family, and colleagues. It has been said that a problem shared is a problem halved. Plus when you talk to other people, you may get a new and better perspective about your situation. Don’t forget to have some “Me” time. With a hectic and busy schedule, many of us are forgetting to have some “Me” time. Take some time to do the things that you enjoy. Take off your mind from your work for just a small time. Go out and socialize. Have coffee with friends, have a laugh with your loved ones, exercise or even read a book that you really love or perhaps just spend some quiet time on your own. Set aside at least two weeknights every week for a “Me” time. By putting these “Me” time in your schedule, you won’t be tempted to do more work beyond your work hours. These are just a few stress management tips that you can use! Like our Facebook page and share this post to your friends.