Cooking? Use Culinary Argan Oil

How Healthy is the Culinary Argan Oil?

Being in good health is vital so we can enjoy what life has to offer. Eating right, sleeping right and regular exercise is crucial to attain a healthy body. Your good healthy starts from your kitchen. If your kitchen holds only items, you’re in a fast track to a healthy body. Aside from eating fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and good carbohydrates, did you know that using healthy oils in your dishes also play a crucial role in keeping the body healthy? If you’re using an unhealthy type of oil, one that is very high in saturated fats, you are at risk of heart diseases and stroke.

Culinary Argan Oil: A Healthy Choice

You probably have heard about the culinary Argan oil. Chefs, food enthusiasts and people who want to stay on the healthy track are raving about this oil. As most consumers, you probably want to know more about the oil before starting to include it in your grocery list. So just how healthy is this oil? Let’s find out.

Oleic Acid in Culinary Argan Oil

Oleic acid or also referred to as Omega-9, is an unsaturated fatty acid with great benefits to the heart. Oleic acid lowers one’s levels of Low Density Lipids (LDL) or the bad cholesterol as we call them. Having too much of LDL in the blood can lead to a blockage in the arteries which can result to a heart attack or stroke. The oleic acid in Argan oil lowers one’s LDL levels while at the same time raise the levels of High Density Lipids (HDL) or the good cholesterol. Because oleic acid helps keep your cholesterol levels in check, it will help prevent any plaque forming in your arteries as well as reduce plaque that has already hardened and clogged the arteries therefore reducing one’s risk of experiencing a heart attack or stroke.


This culinary oil is also packed with Prostaglandins. How does your body benefit from it? Prostaglandins have anti-inflammatory properties. Many health problems start with inflammation. Another notable function of prostaglandins is that they boost the body’s immune system. They also are very beneficial for people suffering from heart problems.

Vitamin E

The oil contains a high dose of Vitamin E which is a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants help protect the body’s cells from the damaging effects of free radicals. It also aids in regulating the functions of the heart as well as the reproductive organs.


Not many oils contain Sterols. In fact the culinary Argan oil is one of the very few who has Sterols as its component. Why should you be happy about Sterols in the oil? Sterols block cholesterol absorption early on from the intestines. They are also believed to fight cancer.

Enzyme for Better Digestion

The oil also promotes good digestion as it boosts pepsin levels. Pepsin is an enzyme that plays a crucial role in ensuring that the digestive system is able to perform its functions. With all of these benefits, there’s no further convincing needed why you should switch to the culinary Argan oil. Share these healthy facts about the culinary Argan oil through Facebook, Twitter or email.


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