How Often Should You Have Your Skin Checked for Skin Cancer

Do you have your skin checked or screened regularly for skin cancer?

Why is Screening for Skin Cancer Important

Having your skin checked or screened for skin cancer regularly is important. Whether you were able to beat it before, never been diagnosed with the disease, concerned since a number of your family members or relatives have been diagnosed with skin cancer, or you’re just like the normal average healthy person with no signs of the disease and not experiencing any symptom of a medical condition, it is still important that you make sure that your calendar includes a skin cancer screening appointment with your dermatologist since skin cancer is one of the most common types of cancer that affects many people all over the world. This type of cancer does not necessarily run in a family. With too much exposure to the sun, one can easily get this disease. If left undetected, ignored, and untreated for a long time,skin cancer can lead to death.

Early Detection of Skin Cancer

The good news is when skin cancer is detected and treated during its early stage, the chances of beating it is very high. One should make it a habit to check their skin for possible signs of the disease. Most commonly, skin cancer is detected through moles. People who have the cancer usually start noticing changes in their moles or the appearance of new moles. You should make it a habit to check your moles and get to know what they normally look like. A camera would be handy in documenting your moles. Compare the appearance of your moles from before and if you see any irregularity or abnormality, see your doctor immediately. You should keep an eye out for moles having a darker color on one are, or those that have a jagged shape and those that are larger than that of a standard pencil eraser. If you see any such mole, have it checked out by a doctor.

Regular Skin Cancer Screening

So how often should you have skin screening for skin cancer?
If you’ve had skin cancer before, make sure that you have regular check-ups, ideally at least once every few months or as advised by your doctor. This is so your doctor can monitor your moles and ensure that the cancer has not returned. For people who have never been diagnosed with skin cancer, a once a year skin check-up is ideal. If you have noticed any change in your moles or any of your moles, such as the shape and size in between your regular check-up schedule, book an appointment with your doctor immediately. This is especially for people with family members that have been diagnosed with the cancer.

Preventing Skin Cancer

Skin cancer can be prevented. Protect yourself from the disease by wearing sunscreen every day and by avoiding too much sun exposure especially during the hours of 9am – 4pm. Eating foods packed with antioxidants can also help.

Make it a habit to check your skin for signs of skin cancer and see to it that have your skin screened for the disease regularly.

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