How Safe Are Cosmeceuticals?

Every now and then there would be a product that would be the new and hottest trend in the beauty industry. For example, these days the number of cosmeceutical patrons are on the rise. Many are calling cosmeceuticals as the newest breakthrough in the skin care industry.

So what are cosmeceuticals? The term comes from the words cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Cosmeceuticals are skin care products formulated with ingredients that have an effect on the biological function of the skin. In simpler terms these products are formulated to improve the tone, texture and radiance of the skin. They also help minimize wrinkles.

Cosmeceuticals: Should We Be Concerned About Its Safety?

Many are reporting positive results from cosmeceuticals which is likely the reason why the number of cosmeceutical patrons is continuing to grow. But should we be concerned with its safety? How safe are the chemicals used in these products? We now know that many of the traditional commercially sold beauty products in the market are laden with chemicals that are toxic to our health.

What the Cosmeceuticals Industry is Saying

The cosmecueticals industry has been firm in their stand that the products they formulate work well with the skin and not against it. It also reiterates that their products are made with natural ingredients. The cosmeceuticals industry further added that although there are some synthetic ingredients in their products these synthetic ingredients are enhanced natural ingredients and that they use these synthetic ingredients because some of the most important ingredients to keep the skin healthy needs to be in their synthetic form. The industry also stressed that not all synthetic ingredients are harmful and that they make sure that they use only the good ones in their products.

Areas for Concern on Cosmeceuticals

Although the cosmeceuticals industry insists on the safety of their products, it would be worth noting that cosmeceuticals are not strictly reviewed or tested. For example in North America, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Health Canada do not strictly review cosmeceutical products so the safety information on these products come from its manufacturers. There is also the risk of having allergic reactions to cosmeceuticals. It would be best to stop using these products immediately if you experience any allergic reaction.

Although manufacturers of cosmeceutical products claim that their products are made with natural ingredients, it would be worth noting that these products are formulated in laboratories. There are plenty of natural skin care products that involve no laboratories or scientists tinkering and formulating but just plain extraction of mother nature’s beauty gifts.

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