How to Avoid Running into Winter Hair Problems

Now that the winter season is here, hair problems will preoccupy many of us. The sudden drop in temperature can mean split ends, frizz and coarse dry texture for your crowning glory. But don’t feel hopeless as you can manage your locks better this winter. Here are some helpful tips.

Hair Care for the Winter Season

Things to Remember

As the temperature gradually drops you should make sure that caring for your hair is a top priority if you don’t want to end up with split ends as well as dry and frizzy hair. Keeping the scalp and hair moisturized would help greatly in avoiding hair troubles this winter season. It is common for the scalp to get flaky during the colder months but keeping it moisturized will help avoid this problem. Many of us tend to over blast our indoor heating. This should be avoided as this can only exacerbate dry hair. So make sure that your indoor heating system is just set to the right temperature.

Clean Your Hair and Scalp

Most probably you would be bundling, tying and covering up your hair just like you always do once the colder days start. This can make your scalp produce more oil and since your hair is all bundled and covered up your hair can get really oily. To avoid having to wear limp and oily hair you should shampoo your hair regularly. But don’t overdo the shampooing as it can be too harsh for your locks and cause problems as well. Every other day of shampoo would do.

The Winter Rules of Washing Your Locks

Although you may be tempted to run really hot water when showering or bathing because you want to drive the cold away, you should avoid this as hot water will strip your locks of its natural oils therefore drying out your hair. It is best to wash your hair with lukewarm water instead.

The Winter Rules of Conditioning Your Hair

The winter season can be rough to your hair so extra caring for your crowning glory should be in order. And it is hair conditioners that can give your hair that extra caring and protection it needs. See to it that you condition your hair every single time you wash your hair during the cold days of the winter season. With regular use of conditioner your hair will have more shine, elasticity and strength.

Argan Oil

If your hair feels and looks super dry you need a hair conditioner that has potent moisturizing prowess. This is where Argan oil steps in. Argan oil is loaded with nutrients having potent moisturizing prowess such as Vitamin E, essential fatty acids and Sterols. The Sterols in the oil also help prevent moisture from escaping your hair therefore keeping it well hydrated.

These are just a few winter hair care tips that can spare you from hair problems. Don’t forget to share these tips around using your Facebook, Twitter or e-mail.

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