How to Create Your Own Home Spa

After a tiring day at the office, a cramming day in school, or simply any hectic day – one of the best ways to relax and chill is by having a spa. Truly relaxing but somewhat expensive, spa treatments are not usually a normal treatment for most. Done usually on occasion, wouldn’t it be nice to have one every time you would need it? It sure would! Unfortunately not everyone could afford to go to the spa for a relaxing massage or treatment. That is why bringing the spa to your home is the next best thing! Here are easy steps on how you can relax by having your own foot scrub/ foot spa in your own home.

  1. Gather some lovely stones. Gathering stone is not that hard to do. Walking in the mountains, on the beach, near a river, or a simple trip to your own backyard can yield stones of different sizes and textures. Here’s what you should look for: gather medium to large stones that are round and smooth. Get smaller ones that could fit in between your toes. Clean them well and keep them.
  2. Get yourself a bottle of oil. There are a lot of varieties to oil. Different scents and types would require you to do a thorough research before making a decision. Some of the most common are lavender, chamomile, rosemary, and citrus oils. One of the best oils you could use however is argan oil. Have you heard of it? 100% pure argan oil is rich in nutrients and vitamins. Known to do wonders for anti-aging, it is also rejuvenating and relaxing. This oil comes from Morocco and the people there have used this oil for many, many years. Also well known for its high contents of antioxidants, argan oil keeps the skin healthy and smooth.
  3. Pick a nice and relaxing spot in your home. The ambience matters. A small space in your room or a relaxing spot in your bathroom will do great. Lighting up some candles and playing relaxing music will help make the mood better.
  4. Now you’re ready for your spa treatment. Heat up some water and make sure it is warm and not hot. Allow the smaller stones to get the same temperature as the water by dipping them there. Use the bigger stones to exfoliate the skin on your feet. Gently rub a larger stone through your feet to remove dead skin. Gather the smaller stones and wrap them in a towel. Place the stones in between your toes. You may also place your feet in the warm water and step on the stones. Add a tea bag for better results. After about 30 minutes, dry your feet using a towel and massage oil into your feet. You’ll feel rejuvenated and relaxed after this procedure.

When you can’t go to the spa, let the spa come to you. It is less expensive and you’ll get the same relaxing results. Follow this simple yet effective procedure on how to create your own home spa.

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