How to Deal with Eczema

How would you be able to tell if you have eczema? To spare yourself from all that guessing and doubting your guesses, it is best to consult a dermatologist. Many people mistake a simple skin rash with eczema. It is true that having a rash is associated with eczema. If you have eczema your rash may come and go and the cycle repeats itself.

You should remember that not all rashes mean that you have eczema. Many other things can cause skin rash besides eczema. It is best to consult a doctor so that he or she can figure out what is causing the rash and how to properly treat it.

If there is one symptom that eczema is known for that would be that it itches. Eczema is itchy, itchy and itchy. There are ointments and oral medications available to treat the symptoms of eczema but there is no cure yet. A doctor may prescribe you with a steroid ointment or cream to help calm down your inflammed skin or an antihistamine medicine in pill or liquid form may also be prescribed to help deal with the intense itching. It is best not to scratch your inflammed skin as this can lead to infection. If your skin gets infected because of overscratching, you would need an antibiotic. Although these medications are no cure for eczema itself, they would help you be more comfortable and your skin would be less inflammed and less red.

When you have eczema there are important steps to take to make things more comfortable as well as avoid things to worsen.

If your skin itches, do not scratch!

This may seem impossible but you should absolutely muster everything it takes for you not to scratch the itch. Scratching can worsen the itchiness and soreness of the skin and all that scratching may even break open your skin and cause it to bleed. An open skin is susceptible to infection. If an area is just too itchy get a clean washcloth and wet it with cool water then apply it on the very itchy area. This can help relieve your itching.

Wear your fingernails short! It is best to keep those claws trimmed. If you have short fingernails, when you scratch an itch, it is less likely for you to break your skin open.

Bathe or shower with warm water and keep it short!Avoid showering or bathing with hot water as it can cause and even aggravate itchiness. It is also best to use soaps with moisturiser and avoid scented ones.

Don’t rub but pat your skin dry! Rubbing your skin with a towel will just irritate your skin further. Be gentle to your skin and just pat it dry with a soft and clean towel. Remember to moisturise your skin! A dry skin will cause itching so to avoid this agony make sure that you give it a good moisturising pampering daily.

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