Split Ends Can Be Easily Treated By Doing Proper Hair Care

How to Effectively Prevent Split Ends With Argan Oil!

Also known as Trichoptilosis, split ends are longitudinal splitting of hair fiber. Although mostly women get split ends, men are not invulnerable to this form of hair damage.

What’s wrong with having split ends? Split ends aside from making hair look less appealing, cause further damage to hair if not treated right away.

Hair strands will become brittle and easily falls off or breaks. It is very important then to solve split end problems and to prevent split ends from coming back.

There are several types of split ends. Distinguish which type you have!

  • The generic, end of hair type split end
  • Split ends occurring several times up on the same strand of hair
  • Split ends occurring in the middle of hair strands that appear as holes if strands are bunched up

You don’t have to suffer from split ends. Solve this problem now!
If you see you have split ends, how do you remove them? There is no easier way to remove split ends than to cut them off.

  • Getting your hair trimmed on a regular basis (every 6 to 8 weeks) will help resolve the problem. After a while, all hair gets damaged.

    Because men have haircuts more often than women, women are more prone to getting split ends than men.

    Each regular trim should be ¼ to 1 inch in length and you should be able to solve your split ends problem.
  • Cut split ends between haircuts. If split ends are really out of control, cutting them yourself when you see them would help a lot. Cut about ¼ of an inch above the split of a single hair strand.

    Take note that you always have to cut above the split or the split will reappear.

Avoid stress. Prevent split ends and never have to worry!
Prevention is still always the best cure. That is why keeping your hair healthy will assure you won’t have split ends.

Just how do you keep your hair healthy and split ends free?

  • Avoid using strong chemicals in your hair like hair dyes and hair straightener products.
  • Do not use hair dryers on high heat setting on a regular basis.
  • Do not overexpose your hair to the sun’s heat as this may also cause split ends.
  • Do not excessively wash your hair with strong shampoos that can damage your hair and cause split ends.

Keeping your hair healthy is easy. Argan oil will do the trick!
Argan and hair work beautifully together. If you’re wondering what argan oil is, it is an all-natural oil that is rich in vitamin E and is popular for its antioxidant powers.

Argan oil is also rich in compounds such as squalene, fatty acids, phytosterols, and carotene. These compounds guard against free radicals, rejuvenate hair, and successfully prevent split ends and dry hair.


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