How to Get a Set of Attractive Hands

Beautiful Hands Are Fun To Hold

Important parts of the body, the hands hold essential roles in our daily living. The obvious being a way to hold onto things like the car’s steering wheel, a knife, and a pen. The not so obvious roles include being a symbol of beauty and grace. A woman’s hands most especially when it looks beautiful and well maintained would tell an observer that she’s a person who knows how to take care of herself. A big difference of how attractive looking hands could be in how people would judge you. So here are some great tips on how to get a set of the most attractive hands you could have.

  • Dry is not good. Always keep the skin on your hands moisturized. Using natural products like argan oil will help do the trick. A few drops of this vitamin E rich oil will keep your hands beautiful, your skin glowing and soft. Another way to keep skin moisturized is by drinking enough H2O every day. 8 glassed a day is the recommended amount. In this ultimate guide, we have shared the natural treatments for treating dry hands.
  • Sun damage. Too much sun exposure damages skin. Make sure to put on sunscreen all over your body before walking out into the sun. Include your hands each time you apply sunscreen.
  • Protect your hands. Pollution, dust, and chemicals are just some of the sources of hand and skin destruction. Make sure to wear protective gloves when gardening and when handling cleaning solutions at home or at work.
  • Keep them dry. After getting your hands wet, make sure you always pat them dry. When your hands are often wet and it stays wet, fungal infections are at risk of invading your hands.
  • Keep hands warm. Especially during winter, try to keep hands warm to avoid colds and flu infections. It’s not only good for your hands but the whole body as well.
  • Skip a few weeks. If you absolutely must wear nail polish on your finger nails, it would be wise to have rest weeks wherein you let your nails rest from nail polish. This will allow nails to breathe and not turn yellow. And remember nail polish removers dry out nails so the less times you use them the better.
  • Massages. Palm and finger massages will work well for your hands. Massages allow for better blood flow and better oxygen flow in your hands and fingers. This helps make the hands more attractive. Use a few drops of argan oil while massaging your hands.
  • Adjusting your computer. The monitor, keyboard, and the mouse play a big role in how your hands would feel and look like. Especially when you’re using the computer for work, positioning them well and using them properly will help you to avoid hand problems like carpal-tunnel syndrome.

Attractive hands will make you more attractive. Learn to take care of your hands and fingers. These tips will help you do just that. Follow them and you’re on your way to owning a set of attractive hands!

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