How to Get Fit After the Holidays

Don'T Forget To Exercise After A Day Of Binge Eating Especially On Holidays

A lot of us are guilty of indulging during the holidays. With all the parties here and there and that delicious whiff of roasted turkey in every household, it is but natural to overeat and gain a few pounds. But when the festivities are long over, the remorse sets in.

You begin to panic and rack your brain for ways to get fit again. It is so easy to gain weight but it takes ages to shed the unwanted pounds. But you need not worry for you are not alone. Majority of the population is also facing the same problem. Thank heavens for there are also a number of solutions that you can do to get back to that road towards fitness.

Make time to exercise again

With all the excitement that the holidays brought, the days that follow are like the calm after the storm. This is the perfect time to catch up on your exercise. You may opt to hit the gym after work to draw motivation from other people who are also trying to get fit. Or if the gym makes you claustrophobic, you can go cycling or jogging around the park. Aside from breathing a dose of fresh air, this activity is completely for free.

If you do not have the luxury to go to either of these places, as your children may need you right back at home, you can do your own simple exercises. You do not need a fancy equipment like a treadmill. Do simple lunges for your lower body, squat thrusts for your midsection and some back exercises like the airplane.

Go back to healthy eating

You may have gone astray during the holidays and lost count of your calorie intake. Now is the time to eat healthy again. But do not think of this as a punishment because with all of the available ingredients out there, nutritious can also be delicious.

Rather than putting the usual dressing on your salad, substitute it with a healthier option. Drizzle your leafy greens with Argan oil instead. Aside from saving on calories, this oil is also enriched with antioxidants and essential fatty acids. These nutrients get rid of the free radicals that have accumulated in your cells and allow cell repair.

For dinner, forgo that processed microwave dinner and make time to prepare simple roasted meat recipes instead. You can also drizzle these with Argan oil to add a quirky flavor to your dish. Just keep in mind that in every meal that you prepare, there should be a healthy aspect to it.

Drink more water

A lot of people tend to overlook the importance of water. After all the stress that your body had to go through during the holidays, hydration is a must. And if you want to lose weight, drink water instead of sodas and alcoholic beverages.

Moderation is the key

While the holidays are all about merriment and excessive eating, it is time to go back to what is normal and that calls for moderation. You do not have to deprive yourself, you still deserve to enjoy the good things in life. Just make sure to create that ideal balance that will not put your well-being at risk.

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