How to Get Nails Whiter and More Attractive

Proper Nail Care Will Leave Your Nails Pretty And Healthy

What used to be an insignificant part of the body has now become a worldwide sensation. Nail beautification has hit not just the young and hip but the older adults as well. Going to various nail salons, using different nail beautification products, finding different ways to make nails more attractive has become the hobby of a lot of people.

With various expensive nail products that promise better looking nails, should buyers really splurge on these things? Sure if you have the extra dough to pay for them and see if they work. Otherwise, stick to easy remedies and products that have been tried and tested.

Here are a few of those quick, easy, and effective ways on how you can get whiter and more attractive nails.


When your nails start to become yellowish in color, you know you have to make necessary steps to save them. Don’t worry, as long as you are disciplined in taking care of your nails, you can easily get rid of that yellowish taint.


The first step is to remove your nail polish and let your nails rest. It’s okay to just have your natural nail color once in a while. Too much application of polish and usage of nail polish removers could be the reasons for your nail’s yellowish colors. You see, some of these solutions are unhealthy for your nails. So let your nails breathe once in a while and change your nail polish brand!


Are you a smoker? Well guess what, smoking not only damages your lungs, it also affects your nails. If you are a smoker then you most likely have yellowish nails. The only way to solve this is to stop smoking. Save not just your nails, save your lungs and whole body as well.


Lemon juice is one of the best whitening solutions you can use on your nails. You may opt to apply the juice pure and directly onto your nails, massaging while applying for best results. Or you may want to dissolve the lemon juice in water and soak your yellowish nails in the solution for 15 minutes. Either way you will see whitening effects. Do these procedures for a couple of days.


Whitening toothpaste can also help whiten your nails back to healthy color. Apply your whitening toothpaste of choice to your nails using a brush. Do it as if you are brushing your teeth. Do this for 15 minutes each day for several days and see whitening effects.


Known for its nail beautifying powers, argan oil is one of the most popular and effective oils that can help make your nails whiter and more attractive. A few drops of argan oil directly massed to your nails and cuticles will bring back your nails’ great looks. Not only will your nails become whiter, they will also become stronger. You see, argan oil has all the natural nutritional aspects you would want your nails to have – vitamin E, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids. You will never go wrong with this oil.

Attractive and whiter nails are easy to get with these simple solutions. Pick the best one for you and see great results!

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