How to Get the Haircut You Have in Mind!

A trip to the hair salon can have two results. It could either be a fairy tale ending or it can be a nightmare. No one wants to end up with a nightmarish mane but most of us have experienced walking out of a hair salon angry and disappointed. Some of us even stormed out crying.

We all want our trip to the hair salon to have a fairy tale ending. The good thing is there are ways on how you can do so! The key is knowing how to convey what you want to your hair stylist. Here are some tips!

  • Stick to the simple rule. When talking to your hair stylist, remember to speak in plain and simple language. Don’t try to impress your hair stylist with your knowledge of technical terms in hair styling. You may just have the wrong grasp of their technical language and you’d end up having to wear a cut or style that’s quite far off with what you had in mind. It is best to be very descriptive. Tell the stylist how you want your hair to look like, if you want it long, relaxed, flowy, sexy or something beach-like. Using descriptive words such as these will help the stylist think of a cut (or two) that fits the picture.
  • Best to bring photos! Photos would always come in handy! This is the best and the quickest way for you to get your stylist understand what cut or style you want. So if you’re thinking of getting a hair cut, it is best to come prepared. Spend some time researching the style you want and don’t forget to bring photos with you.
  • Leave the face shape to your hairstylist! One of the first things most of us think about before getting a haircut is our face shape. You should forget about your face shape and focus instead on how you want your locks to look like after the cut. Share to your stylist what you love about your locks and how you see yourself with the new cut. A great hair stylist will keep in mind these things and will consider the shape of your face before getting to the shear-action.
  • Ask away! Don’t just sit on the chair and hold your questions. Don’t keep the questions to yourself. Do not be afraid nor be shy to ask your stylist any question you have in mind. If you’re worried about a thing, don’t hold it in. Speak up! Ask away! A fairy tale hair cut ending starts with good communication between you and the stylist. Once you and your stylist arrive at the same page with the hair style you want, the result would be most likely, you breezing out of the door with a jump of happiness in your strut. If it happens that you’re not satisfied with the result, don’t be afraid to speak up! It may be a good idea to find another stylist!

A great haircut can make a whole difference on your hair. But any good hairstyle starts with a healthy hair. Condition your hair regularly with Argan oil. Packed with Vitamin E and essential fatty acids, Argan oil would do wonders to your locks!

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