Long Hair Is Beautiful

How to Improve Hair Growth

We call our hair our crowning glory and we go to lengths just to make sure that our hair grows beautiful and healthy. Many women (and a small percentage of men) are concerned about their hair growth. Some would think that their hair is not growing or they have less hair growth compared to everyone else.

If you think your hair is not growing remember these 2 facts about the hair.

  • Hair grows on average, a minimum of about a quarter inch and a maximum of about an inch a month. This is provided that your hair follicles do not have any underlying damage or that you are not suffering from hair disorders such as Alopecia or baldness.
  • When one complains of not seeing any additional length in their hair, usually the problem is not hair growth but rather retaining the hair that have grown. If for many years your hair has remained at the same length, it may be that your hair has been breaking off or the rate of your hair growth and breaking off is the same which is why you have been stuck at the same hair length for months or even years.

So how do you start seeing some added length in your crowning glory?

  • Get rid of damaged ends.
    You feel or see those scraggly ends? You need to have them trimmed. You can take care of trimming these damaged ends but if you’re not too sure that you’ll get all the damaged ends trimmed out, it is better to have a professional take care of this. Weak, damaged and splitting ends can only get worse and in the end may compromise the strength of your hair and ultimately your hair growth when left untrimmed.
  • Follow a good hair care routine.
    This next step to achieving good hair growth can take some time, about 2 months but this is crucial. You need to make some observations and find out how often you need to wash your hair with shampoo, how often you need to condition and deep condition it. You should also observe how long your hair stays moisturized. By observing your hair, you will get to know just what kind of hair care routine specifically fits you.
  • Stick to what works for you.
    When it comes to a good hair care routine, almost everyone has a say. But this is why observing your hair is important. Once you already found out what works for your hair, you need to be consistent and stick with this regimen. You can also consider switching up the hair products you use but it is best to do this only after you have observed your hair and you have found out just what ingredients agree with your locks.
  • Avoid over manipulating your hair. If you want to improve your hair growth, you need to stick to hair styles that use only low manipulation. It is best to go for twist outs, braid outs and buns. Don’t go for styles that require much combing and pulling since this would damage your locks and make the ends weaker.

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