How to Keep Cool Under the Sweltering Summer Heat!

Always Take A Bath During Summertime To Avoid Overheating

Temperatures in some parts of the United States are reaching record high. When temperatures climb to dangerous levels, one can suffer from exhaustion and heat stroke. This can be fatal and in fact high temperatures have already caused several deaths. When things get blistering hot this summer season, how do you keep your body cool?

Keeping Your Body Cool

Here are some tips!

  • When temperatures hit a record high, opt for clothing that have a loose fit. You should also go for light-coloured ones.
  • Best to stick with clothes made from cotton.
  • Have a spray bottle filled with water handy in your fridge. After spending time outdoors, cool down by spraying several mists of water on your face.
  • Instead of just turning on the air conditioner, switch on your fan as well to let the cool air from your AC circulate inside your home. If you don’t have airconditioning at home, there are lots of public places where there is air conditioning that you can spend the hottest hours of the days in. You can maybe go to a mall or a public library.
  • Store drinking water in plastic containers. You can place some inside your freezer. Take those frozen water bottles with your when heading outdoors. The heat will melt the ice which and your drinking water will stay cold for a longer time.
  • Shower frequently to cool down your body. You can have the water in cool setting.
  • Drink lots of liquids. You should always be rehydrating your body. Instead of just gulping down water, you can also drink up sports drinks as they have electrolytes in them.
  • Avoid drinking anything that would dehydrate your body faster. You should avoid drinking alcoholic beverages, coffee and other caffeinated drinks.
  • Avoid being under the sun during its peak hours. Stay indoors.
  • Avoid eating large meals and dishes that can work up a sweat such as spicy foods. Instead of eating 3 meals a day, you can maybe eat in smaller portions but more frequently. Eat refreshing fruits such as oranges, watermelon and other fruits with high water content. Opt for light meals such as steamed fish and vegetables.
  • If you work out daily, you should do so during cooler hours such as early in the morning or late at night. You may also choose to exercise less frequently and with less intensity. If you run perhaps you can walk instead. Remember to always bring bottles of water with you.
  • Essential oils such as the Moroccan Argan oil can help cool you down as well. Place your bottle of the oil in the fridge and once you get home, give your tired and overheating feet a cool massage. The Moroccan Argan oil having nutrients with anti-inflammatory will soothe your tired feet. It will also help soften hard skin on your heels and soles since the oil is rich in nutrients with moisturising properties such as Vitamin E, Sterols and essential fatty acids.