How to Keep Your Hair Well Hydrated

Proper Hydration Is Important For The Whole Body

I rarely go out without blow drying my hair. I’m not among the lucky ones who can get away with an out-of-bed-hair kind of do. My dad used to tell me, “You’re going to lose all your hair someday!”

I used to laugh off his threats, thinking Hollywood stars do it all the time! Little did I know, that my Dad, who’s definitely not an expert on hair, may actually know more about hair than me.

Did you know that a quarter of hair is made up of water? This fact alone is enough explanation on why our hair needs to be hydrated and moisturized all the time.

While I know that blow-drying may damage my hair, I didn’t know that I’m actually killing my locks. Since water is our hair’s main “food”, our goal is to lock moisture in. Blow drying, unfortunately, does the exact opposite. Taking off from this point —

Avoid Styling Hair with Tools that Employ Heat! (What???!!!)

If you had the same reaction, here are less drastic tips for bad (on their hair) girls like me.

Moisturise Regularly

If you regularly style and abuse your hair, then you have no excuse not to moisturize. It’s the least you can do for your hair, right? Opt for organic, natural products that both nourishes and strengthens. The product that’s been in the center of buzz lately is Argan oil. This miracle oil from Morocco not only nourishes and strengthens hair, it also protects too. Packed with antioxidants, Argan oil protects your hair from environmental damage. It’s non greasy too so it won’t leave your hair heavy and limp after.

Drink 8 Glasses of Water

Hair moisture does not come from SIMPLY shampooing your hair. It also comes from within. This means if you’re not drinking the required amount fo water daily, then your hair is not getting enough hydration any as well and leads to dry hair. So ask yourself “How many glasses have I already taken today?” Not enough? Drink up then!

Cover Your Hair When You Sleep

Since you won’t be taking water for eight hours, it’s best to cover your hair when you sleep to delay the evaporation of moisture from your strands.

“OUT” Hairstyles

Extreme weather speeds up moisture loss so avoid “out” hairstyles that expose most of your strands to the harsh elements of summer or winter like fros and puffs. Opt for hairstyles that hide strands like an updo or a bun.