How to Kick Out Loose Skin!

After finally shedding off that excess weight, you are again faced with another issue which is loose skin. Although loose skin does not pose any health risk, many are bothered with it. Loose skin usually happens when one loses a lot of weight real quick. So what can you do to get rid of loose or hanging skin?

Moves to Kick Loose Skin

The Hanging Leg and Hip Raise

You need to hang from a pull up bar. You’ll need a dumbbell pinched in between your two feet. If you find this too difficult you can go for strapping weights on your ankles. Grab the bar using an overhand grip with a shoulder-width and just let your legs hang. Pull up your legs with knees bending and move them to your chest. Keep pulling your legs as far as you can and then hold your pose for a second then lower the legs at a slow pace. Do reps.

The Side Bend

This exercise will work your obliques or the side areas of your tummy. You’ll need a dumbbell to hold in your hand in this exercise. On your feet (feet should be hip-width apart), hold a dumbbell using your right hand. Your arm should be at the side just hanging down. Either put your left hand on your hip or the side of your head and then do lateral bends to your right while at the same time lowering the dumbbell you’re holding. When getting back in your normal position, do so in a slow steady motion. The key is to keep the lower body still all throughout this routine. You can do this for 2 sets of repetition.

Russian Twist

This exercise is great since all areas of your abs are worked out. You’ll need a weight plate, medicine ball or a dumbbell for this routine. You’ll also need something to hold your feet or someone to do so. Once you have the weight, get on the floor and place your feet under something to hold them down or a friend perhaps can do this. Bend your legs at the knees and have your upper body elevated until it follows a V-shape with your thighs. Extend your arms fully so that they assume a perpendicular position to your torso. This is how you should start this exercise with. Once you have assumed the starting position, twist the torso to the right. You’ll know you’ve twisted enough once your arms are parallel with the floor. Remember to breathe out then hold your position for a second or two. Get back slowly to the starting position while breathing out and do the same thing going the opposite direction. Do as much reps as you want.

Stretch Marks

These exercises will get rid of loose skin. You’ll wake up to a firmer skin if you do these routines regularly. Worried about stretch marks? You’ll need to regularly apply Moroccan Argan oil on your abs, thighs and other skin areas where stretch marks are showing. Argan oil contains high levels of Vitamin E which is why it effectively minimises and prevents the appearance of stretch marks.

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