How to Make Sure Your Immune System is Working for You

One’s immune system is essential for good health. Especially when flu season arrives, you need to keep your body and your family’s in good working condition to ward off viruses. Now in order for the body to do this, it needs a strong and working immune system. No matter what age but most especially children and the elderly, helping the immune system do its job will in effect help you have a healthy body. If you’re tired of the uncontrollable running nose, the irritating sneezing, the endless coughs, and even the painful sore throats then this is the article for you. Learn how to keep your immune system strong with these tips.

  • Watch out for sugar overdose. Believe it or not your immune system is affected not just by environmental factors but by certain foods as well. An overdose of sugar for example weakens the white blood cells in the body. In effect, the white blood cells’ ability to kill germs is lessened by 40%. A huge percentage that surely makes a difference. So imagine if you eat or drink too much sweet stuff. 8 tablespoons of sugar for example (or 2 cans of soda) will be enough to weaken your immune system.
  • Watch out for alcohol overdose. If you’re thinking that your body can handle the alcohol as long as you’re not drunk, think again. Just as too much sugar in the body weakens the immune system, too much alcohol has the same effect. So even if you do not feel drunk or tipsy, your immune system is already suffering because of the alcohol. Aside from weakening the white blood cells, alcohol also promotes nutrition deficiency. This deprives the body of important immune-strengthening nutrients. Drinking one bottle of beer doesn’t seem to have a major effect on the immune system but 3 bottles or more does. So take notice of the amount of alcohol you consume to help strengthen your immune.
  • Your weight is also a factor. Obesity or excess weight leads to a suppressed immune system. Being too fat or obese will lessen the ability of the white blood cells to multiply and to create antibodies that fights off infection. It is best then to watch your weight. To do this you need to start losing weight. Small changes like using a bike for your daily commute, walking around your block, walking your dog once a day – these seem like small steps but they matter. Eating healthy is also a good step to take. Being conscious about eating lean meats, using healthy oils like argan oil, and having enough fruits and vegetables in your diet will help you lose weight and get have a stronger immune system.

These tips will help you have a healthier body that you can both see and feel. Get in shape, lose the excess weight, avoid getting that beer belly, keep your teeth healthy and ultimately be healthy. Your immune system helps your body fight germs, bacteria, viruses, and so much more. You need to help it do its job with these simple yet effective steps.

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