How to Make Your Fear Work for You

Fear Is The Weakness In All Of Us

There are times when the world seems to be working against us. You may have felt this in the past or even feeling this right now. You probably may have even started thinking that the gods have conspired just to get a good laugh seeing how miserable you are.

We all long for something, a better job, a better car, a bigger house, better relationships, a more successful business, a more peaceful life, etc. But many of us are do not dare take the big leap to make things better. The reason? We are afraid. We are afraid that we will fail and that we will just make a fool of ourselves in the process and be ridiculed. And some are just simply afraid of the unknown so they stick to what’s familiar and in the end stay miserable.

If you notice, there are two forces at work in our life. The first one is desire and the second is fear.

Desire is what pushes us to success, pleasure and achieving our goals. Fear on the other hand is what prevents us from failing and being ridiculed. It is our desires that inspire us while our fears make us avoid and procrastinate.

At one point, you should choose which of these two forces you will allow to drive your life. If you let your fears overpower your desires then you will not get the results you want and stay miserable as you are feeling right now. However if you allow your desires to overpower your fears, you will start making things happen and things can go just the way you want them to.

The problem is many of us allow our fears to win that we dare not take the first step. Many of us do not know how to defeat our fears. Here is one idea that can help you overcome your fears.

Say for example you want to start your own business and leave your job but you are overwhelmed with doubts and negative thoughts. Your mind goes on and on with negative outcomes if you do decide to take the first step and push on with your plans so you end up not taking action at all. This sounds all too familiar. Many of us have been in this kind of situation.

You can silence your fear by asking yourself a few simple questions.

  • If I don’t do anything, what’s my future going to look like? Would I like that kind of future?
  • What if I am stuck here forever because of my inaction? How would this make me feel?

After asking yourself these questions, how do you feel about the consequences of your inaction? You probably are feeling even more miserable than when you thought about negative outcomes if you do decide to take the step. Not doing anything will only lead to a circle of misery and pain. Get out of that circle and do something, take the first step. The road ahead may be tough but it leads to somewhere better.

Turn your fear into fear of inaction and you make your fear work for you instead of against you. Your fear of inaction will push you towards reaching success, pleasure and achievements.

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