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How to Make Your Own Banana Hair Conditioner

Love eating bananas? Not only are bananas good for your health, they are also great for your hair! Did you know that you can use bananas to condition your hair? Yes! you can! They are very effective in giving you that smooth and silky locks.

A bonus point in using bananas for conditioning your hair is that they are free from harmful chemicals that are usually present in popular brands of hair conditioner. So how do you turn this healthy fruit into a great hair conditioner? Let’s start with the things you’ll need.

Banana Hair Conditioner Ingredients

  • You will need 3 bananas. If your hair is not that long a couple of bananas is enough.
  • You’ll need coconut milk. If you can’t find coconut milk, whole milk will do.
  • You’ll need a few drops of Argan oil.
  • If you have honey in your kitchen cupboard, you can add some too. Honey will boost your DIY banana conditioner’s moisturizing prowess.

You’re probably already curious as to how you can turn these ingredients into a great hair moisturizer so let’s get right to it.

How to Make Your Very Own Banana Hair Conditioner

  1. Mash them up! Grab your bananas and start mashing them up. You can use a fork or a blender in doing so. Continue mashing until you see tht there are no more chunks. You’ll want to get only a banana slime consistency.
  2. Throw in the rest of the ingredients. Add a couple tablespoons of Argan oil and then pour in the coconut milk or whole milk. Keep pouring until you get a consistency that is just like those store-bought hair conditioners you have used before. Then if you have honey, add in a couple of tablespoons into the mixture. Mix well.

How to Use the Banana Hair Conditioner

Get in the shower and apply the banana hair conditioner you just made on dry hair. You can also use your sink in applying the conditioner. Make sure that you saturate both hair and scalp. Put on your shower cap. If you don’t have one, you can just wrap your hair with a towel. Relax and let the goodness of the banana conditioner seep in for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, rinse your hair using your regular shampoo.

Make sure that you get all the bananas off your hair. Your hair may still have a faint smell of bananas even after shampooing. That’s not such a bad thing once you see just how shiny, silky and smooth your hair looks and feels.

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