How to Pull Off Neon

Neon Hair Is A Great Look, But Not For Everyone

I love neon! Even before pops of striking colors became a trend, my go-to look would be an outfit in neutral colors then a pair of sky high heels in bold, oh-my-God-it’s-so-bright colors.

There’s just something about the way a neon pop transforms an outfit. A sudden splash of a bold color just shouts modern and fashionable, always. The key, experts agree, is to focus on a color that looks good on you and incorporate it in your outfit by keeping everything else neutral and simple. This was the only way I use neon in my life…until now.

Here are some other ways to put not just any color but neon color into your life.

Pink is the New Red
Leave the bright ultra-red shade to your evening wear. Stand out with electric pink lips that shout young and fresh instead. Experts say this shade is extra electrifying for those with fair complexion. Other good tones for the fair skinned is neon orange.

Tanned and Flushed
For those with darker skin tones, you’re best option if not the pink lips is vibrant cheeks. Highlight your bronze look by making your cheeks pop and look more flushed. A neon bright blush will make you look polished. Put it before your favorite tinted moisturizer to make it more natural looking.

It’s All in the Eyes
Statement eye shadows need not look scary. Using neon eye shadows in moderation can actually make you look modern and chic. Those with medium skin tones can play with colors more but electric blue and green eye shadows are their best bets. Any eye color can stand out in blue shades. If you have blue eyes though, make it pop more with eye shadows in shades of orange.

Liners Come in Different Colours Too!
This, I have to remind myself often. I’ve never dared use any other liner than one in black. Experts say that the key to using liners in loud colors is by applying them in subtle streaks. To prevent from smudging, pat powder on eye lid before application.

Neon on Your Nails
If you don’t feel like wearing neon on your face, wear it on your nails. For dark skinned, go for oranges, corals and reds. Pale-skinned, meanwhile, can opt for purple, yellow and blue shades. For the medium tones, any color will look good. Oh, lucky you!

Just Jump Into It!
Yes, just do it! Don’t hesitate. Incorporating neon into your life is a mindset as well. Try all of them regardless of some of the tips just mentioned here. Neon is all about having fun and going for it so don’t be afraid to be bold. Best way to minimize experiment failures is making sure you’re working on great skin. Neon is all about keeping everything else simple but barely-there make-up just wouldn’t look as great if applied on unhealthy looking skin. Moisturize regularly. Antioxidant-packed Moroccan Argan oil is a great pick. Argan oil does not only moisturize, it helps fight off aging as well.

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