How to Quit Nail Biting. 5 Helpful Tips

Are you having a hard time quitting your horrid nail biting habit? Here are a few tips that may help kick your habit and save your nails.

5 Tips to Quit Nail Biting

  1. Gel Manis
    Start wearing gel manis. Gel manicures stay strong, hard and in perfect condition for around ten days. After you have paid for gel manicures, you would probably think more than twice to bite into them because they are quite pricey. It would be best to go for gels that have flashy colors such as fire engine red or screaming orange. So you would be extra careful with them since just a minor chip is very visible.
  2. Use A Luxurious Hand Cream
    If you moisturize your hands a few times a day, you may need to up it a little bit more if you are a nail biter. Find a very luxurious, thick hand cream and bring it along with you wherever you go. After every time you wash your hands, apply some hand cream too. You may also want to try applying it every hour or every 2 hours. Aside from having moisturized hands and cuticles, you may be able to stop biting your nails as hand creams taste nasty.
  3. Give the Nail Polish for Nail Biters a Shot
    You probably have heard about the nasty-tasting polish for biters. They really taste awful. When you apply this special nail polish for biters, coat your entire nails including the fingertips. The awful taste will help stop your urge from biting your nails.
  4. Cover Your Fingers with Bandages
    This may be an inconvenient thing to do. And you probably would feel a little silly and a bit conscious as people may start looking at your all bandaged up fingers. But the point here is you’ll become more aware of your fingernails and it will help prevent you from biting them in the future as you probably would not want to do the bandaged up fingers all over again.
  5. Wear a Fidget Ring
    A fidget ring can serve as some sort of distraction for you whenever you get that urge of biting your nails. Instead of biting, you can just tinker with your fidget ring. There are lots of fidget rings out in the market. Some comes with a dangling charm and some are made up of several interlocking rings.

Give these tips for quitting nail biting a try! Let us know how it worked for you by dropping in a comment.

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