How to Recover from Summer and Take Care of Your Skin This Fall

A Well Maintained Skin Will Always Look Great No Matter What The Season Is

It is now officially fall and fall brings with it a multitude of things to do. You are probably reluctant to pack away your summer dresses and shorts but at the same time, looking forward to dressing up in jeans and sweater.

Fall (or autumn) is a period of transition for your skin. You have probably enjoyed summer and had so much fun at the beach that maybe you had skipped your skin care regimen. You now have to correct the summer skin damage as well as prepare for the coming winter months.

What are the skin damages caused by summer?

There are three big skin problems wrought by summer and the damaging sun and wind, even if you have taken all the precautions. These three problems are dryness, wrinkles and pigmentation. All your skin care efforts should be geared towards solving these three problems. Here are the top 5 skin care tips for fall and keep you looking beautiful, all the time.

Top 5 Fall skin care tips

  1. Use sun block or sunscreen every day. Summer brought with it patches and brown spots caused by the sun’s damaging rays and if left unprotected, your skin can become more damaged over time. Summer may officially be over and you are not at the beach, but the sun still continues to shine even in the fall. It is therefore imperative that you put sunscreen when going out.
  2. Re-assess your soap and body wash. Check out the ingredients in your shower gel or facial wash and soap. These products may contain chemicals that can cause your skin to dry out and become irritated. Choose products that can hydrate your skin and keep it moisturized long after your shower without irritating your skin.
  3. Use an oil-based scrub. Peel off those layers of rough skin cells. Body scrubs are excellent to use in keeping your skin smooth and silky. The exfoliants (sugar or salt) removes the top layer of dead skin cells and the oil penetrates the skin and moisturizes. You can make your own oil-based scrub by combining brown sugar and Argan oil. Argan oil is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E that nourishes the skin and imparts anti-aging benefits, as well.
  4. Moisturize every day. I cannot emphasize it enough. You have to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized. The best time to apply lotions or moisturizers is right after your shower or bath, sealing the moisture that has been absorbed by your body. Re-apply hand moisturizer several times a day especially when you wash your hands frequently.
  5. Have you heard of Argan oil? This is a natural oil pressed from the nuts of the Moroccan Argan tree. This oil has been used by the Berbers for centuries, and now this miracle oil is used as a beauty product and in culinary. This oil also has medical benefits.

Argan oil is rich in nutrients such as essential fatty acids, vitamin E and antioxidants which makes your skin supple, smooth and healthy.

Every woman wants her skin to remain healthy and smooth no matter what the season is. You have to take good care of your skin and protect it from getting damaged all year round.