How to Stop Chewing on Your Nails

Biting Your Nails Was Never A Great Sight

Do you have the habit of biting your nails? Although this habit is unhealthy and very unhygienic, many people still can’t resist biting their nails. So why do some of us bite our nails? Nail biting is a symptom of nervousness. Many people who are nervous or are facing a stressful situations tend to bite their nails. There are also some people who do so because of boredom and hunger.

Nail biting may not sound like a serious condition but this is an unhealthy habit that can lead to infections. Your hands touch many things daily and you’re nails can pick up microbes along the way. Putting your nails in your mouth will get these microbes in your body which can lead to serious illnesses. Those who bite their nails most of the time also get bleeding. An open wound will attract bacteria and other microbes that can cause serious infections. If you keep on biting your nails, you’d also end up with split, fractured and broken nails that are quite unattractive to look at. Whatever your reason may be for starting this horrid habit, now is the time to start quitting.

However, this simple habit is not that easy to quit. Some have tried really hard to stop chewing off their nails but the habit just keeps coming back. If you want to stop getting nail stubs, getting nail bleeds as well as feeling that stinging pain that can come out of nail biting, try these quiting methods.

Quitting Your Nasty Nail Biting Habit

  • Take a photo of your battered fingernails because of your nail biting habit. This would serve as a visual reminder.
  • Jot down a start date of when you’re going to stop this habit. Mark your calendar or try and set an alarm on your phone marking the day when the quitting officially starts. Remember that this habit is hard to break so don’t be too hard on yourself if you failed. But you should also not make this difficulty a reason to let your habit continue. Be patient and the key to succeed in quitting this habit is always try again after failing.
  • Treat your fingernails as something that you need to protect. You can pick one nail for each week.
  • Instead of chewing your nails, why not just chew a gum. Try always having a chewing gum handy. If you feel the urge of biting your nails. Take out a chewing gum and chew on it instead. With your mouth preoccupied with chewing a gum, you would forget about chewing on your nails.
  • Painting your nails may stop you from biting them since you would not want to ruin how good they look. You can opt to get an expensive manicure from a professional so you would hesitate biting your nails which would ruin the expensive manicure you paid for.

These are just a few simple tips on how you can quit biting your nails. It’s also ideal to treat your nails with some good Argan oil loving after being battered from all that biting. Argan oil will strengthen your nails and condition your cuticles!

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