How to Stop Hair Problems from Springing Up this Season

Spring time is a season filled with colors. Gardens come beautifully in bloom, the temperatures warmer and the air is filled with sweet music. With all the beautiful things that spring brings, it also comes with some not so wonderful things such as frizzy hair and flyaways.

You can still keep on wearing luscious and beautiful hair from February to May! How? The key is learning about the culprits behind the maddening effects of spring time! Once you have this figured out, you’ll find it easier to know what you can do to keep your hair beautiful in spring weather.

Culprits of Spring Hair Problems

  • Humidity
    During spring there is an influx of humid weather. This is bad news since humidity can leave your hair flat and no matter how much styling you do, humidity will always win. The best thing to do is not force your hair into an unnatural style. When it comes to the hair, spring season is that time of the year to embrace and flaunt the natural type of your hair. For those with curly hair, embrace those lovely curls and for those with straight locks that start curling up during humid weather, style your hair with loose and light curls. It is also advisable to use a humidity resistant product on your locks. The Moroccan Argan oil is great for your hair since it is a powerful moisturizer thanks to its high content of essential fatty acids, Vitamin E and Sterols. Sterols also lock and seal in moisture.
  • Wind
    Get ready for windy days ahead. It’s not just the buds of May that will get a shaking from spring’s rough winds, your hair too! You can get massive flyaways this season. When gusts of winds blow they can grab at split ends and give your hair that static-ish look. The winds can give your hair a hard beating. If your hair is naturally coarse you will have it worse since the winds will have something to hold onto. To prevent rough winds from giving your hair a beating, you should use hair accessories. You can use a headband, ponytails or clips. There are also products that have been specially formulated for windy days. These products tame and smooth unruly hair and at the same time conditioning frayed ends.
  • Changing Levels of Moisture
    April will bring us showers which would bring out our May flowers. However these showers bring more than just flowers. They also can bring about frizz because of the shifting weather during spring. Frizzy hair is caused by hair trying to get moisture from the atmosphere. With an inconsistent moisture level in the air, you are bound to get frizzy hair at some point. Blowdrying can give you that frizzy look. It may be best to just blot dry your hair with a towel. Remember to not rub as rubbing can cause even more breakage. An anti-frizz serum or a hair gel is recommended. It is also best to carry around a hair product that will smoothen your strands.

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