How to Tell if a Cosmetic Product with Natural or Organic Label is Really Safe to Use

It’s great news that many consumers are now very careful about what they use on their beauty regimen. A high percentage of buyers now go for organic or natural products. However the problem is there is no regulation yet on these two labels.

You probably have noticed that most if not all cosmetic products displayed on shelves of drugstores, spas, clinics and grocery stores carry the label “Natural” or “Organic”. Ever since consumers started getting smart in their purchase after learning that natural and organic cosmetic products are not just effective but also safer to use, many cosmetic companies started having “Natural” or “Organic” labels in their products even if such claim is fraudulent.

So how do you make sure that what you are buying is really made with natural ingredients or organic materials? How can you protect yourself from these dubious claims of many cosmetic companies about their products not having ingredients that can harm your health?
Here are two ways that will lead you to the right safe cosmetic product.

How to Pick a Safe Cosmetic Product

  • Get to Know the Dirty Dozen
    Although this method may require some reading for you, the best way to really know if the cosmetic product having a “Natural” or “Organic” label is safe to use is by learning about the most common toxic ingredients in cosmetic or personal care products or often called as the Dirty Dozen. Parabens, Phthalates, Parfum (Fragrance) BHA & BHT, DEA-related ingredients are a part of the Dirty Dozen. You can find a complete list of the groups of toxic chemicals we refer to as the dirty dozen in cosmetics in many websites promoting safer cosmetics. It may be hard to memorize the names of the Dirty Dozen so it’s best if you bring the list with you when you shop. If you see any one of the dirty dozen in a product, even with a “Natural”, “Organic” or “Safe” label, don’t buy it.
  • Look for the ECO Cert logo
    Why should you trust products with Ecocert logo? It was Ecocert that devised certain standards for certifying cosmetics that are natural and organic. To carry the Ecocert organic label, cosmetic products should have at least 95% of its ingredients should be natural or from plant-based materials and at least 10% of all its ingredients by weight should come from organic farming. The cosmetic product should not have any Genetically Modified Organisms or Parabens, any ingredient derived from petrochemicals. There should not be any synthetic chemistry involved and there should be no testing of the product on animals. The entire process of manufacturing of the product should be controlled even up to its packing. The cosmetic products must also be made from biodegradable or recyclable materials. To carry the Ecocert natural label, cosmetic products should at least have 50% of plant-based ingredients and at least 5% of the weight of all the ingredients must be from organic farming.

Hope this helps making choosing for safe cosmetic products easier. Don’t forget to share this post to everyone you know!

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