How to Use Argan Oil on Your Dishes

Argan oil has been making a huge noise in the cosmetic industry. However, its culinary type is also creating a huge buzz in kitchens all over the world. Even world-famous chefs including Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver are using the culinary Argan oil in their dishes. Many people are wondering how to use Argan oil in their dishes. And if you are one of them then you are in the right place.

How to Use Argan Oil in Your Dishes

Just like olive oil, there are plenty of ways to incorporate Argan oil in dishes. Here are 7 ways on how to use Argan oil for your dishes.

1. As a Dip
In Morocco, the culinary Argan oil has been used traditionally as a bread dipping. It was initially the Moroccan Berber tribe who had discovered the wonders of this precious oil. In fact, the Berber tribe of Morocco has been using this oil for thousands and thousands of years.

2. For Pan Frying
The nutty taste of the culinary Argan oil is an excellent addition to pan-fried dishes. Whether you are pan frying fish, chicken, shrimp, or vegetables, you’ll love the extra nutty kick flavor of this oil.

Sidenote: Unlike olive oil, the culinary Argan oil can not be used in high temperature cooking and frying. The oil turns a bit bitter when high heat is involved. So make sure that you only use the oil in medium heat cooking such as pan frying ingredients.

3. In Salad Dressings
If you love salads, you will love adding the culinary Argan oil in your salad dressings. Add a punch of good nuttiness in your dressings with a few drizzles of Argan oil.

4. For Sauces
You can also use this amazing oil in sauces. You can also use this amazing oil in sauces. Give your sauces a rich nutty flavor with just a small drizzle of Argan oil!

5. For Soups
Can you use this oil on soups? Absolutely! Add a creamy nuttiness to your favorite soups by adding a small amount of the oil right before serving!

6. As a Breakfast Spread
Tired of the same spread you use for breakfast? Here’s an idea to try. Add a small drizzle of the oil on grilled goat cheese with almonds or blend the oil in honey! These 2 breakfast spread ideas are a must try!

7. In Ice Cream Sauces
You can create delicious and unique ice cream sauces right from your kitchen! Simply blend the Argan oil with melted chocolate or cream and voila! You have a very unique ice cream sauce.

These are just 7 ways on how to use Argan oil in dishes. You can also add it to stuffing and salsas to get a deep rich flavor! Remember to use the culinary Argan oil and not the cosmetic type in your dishes!

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