Hyperpigmentation: 3 Things You Should Know About

Proper Skin Care Knowledge Helps Prevent Skin Diseases

Have you noticed some darkened patches on your face and some parts of the body?

These dark patches on the skin have been called many names including hyperpigmentation, dark spots, age spots, and manchas.

Latinas are particularly prone to having them and in fact these dark patches are considered to be the number one skin care issue among Latina women.

Skin Issue: Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is difficult to treat, more especially in darker skin tones.

Another reason why these dark patches are so hard to get rid of is because many women unintentionally make this skin issue worse.

If you are still in the dark about the causes of dark spots, read on. We’ll get to know 3 facts about these dark spots.

If you want to know how to get rid of spots effectively, you need to get to know the facts first.

3 Facts About Hyperpigmentation

1. Age Spots Are Not Caused By Getting Older.
We often associate age spots with aging. Well the name itself is misleading. But age spots do not start appearing on the skin just because we have gotten older.

So what causes age spots? The truth is hormonal changes and sun exposure are the culprits of these dark patches we call as age spots.

Pregnant women are more prone to age spots because of the hormonal changes that take place.

These spots brought about by pregnancy are referred to as melasma which also can come about as a side effect of taking birth control pills.

If hormones aren’t the culprit then those dark spots are usually caused by sun damage.

When the skin is exposed to the sun’s radiation it forms pigmentation to protect the skin from further damage. And the reason why older people have more of these age spots than younger people is because they have had more sun exposure and of course more sun damage.

So remember, these spots are not caused by aging. Age spots, melasma, brown spots are basically the same thing which is hyperpigmentation which means there is excess melanin in the skin.

2. These Spots Can Be of Different Colors
As mentioned earlier, names often mislead us. Age spots? Well they are not caused by your age. Snoop Dogg? Well, he is not a dog. Brown spots? They are not actually just brown. They can come in other colors.

Some of these spots can be gray or even black. But you should keep an eye on spots that change color or shape as this can indicate skin cancer.

If you do notice a spot changing shape or color, you should immediately set an appointment with your doctor.

This is no longer optional. It is a must that you do so.

3. Chemical Exfoliants Are a More Ideal Choice than Manual Exfoliants A lot of people are wondering how to get rid of spots and many advice have been thrown out.

When it comes to knocking off hyperpigmentation, chemical exfoliants like retinol or glycolic acid can do a better job than manual ones.

Retinol and glycolic acid help speed up cell turnover to reveal brighter skin.

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