Important Air Travel Tips for Senior Citizens

Air travel poses a lot of difficulties for many passengers. Even more so for senior citizens. Rules may become complicated and a simple flight to visit a family member may turn out to be a nightmare. That is the reason why it is important to know these airline travel tips before even planning your flight. Note though that these are general information and may vary from one airline to the next. So when traveling by air, make sure you know your airline and its rules that is the first tip! Airlines will be more than happy to mail you the full text of their contract of carriage, you just have to ask.


Before you even book a flight, make sure you discuss with your travel agent or the airline itself if your ticket is re-bookable. Most discounted fares are none rebookable or if they are, you’ll have to pay big bucks for rebooking penalty. The best way to deal with this is to know each fare type and their corresponding restrictions. Pick the best that suits your needs.

Read the back of your ticket where your rights and responsibilities as a passenger are written. You may also ask your agent to explain these to you before you purchase.


There are a lot of airfare discounts out today. So instead of looking at just one airline, opt to look at online travel agencies where they can give you various rates for different airlines. Compare quickly. Write your options down and then call the travel agency for a more detailed explanation. These discounts often sell out fast though, especially during holiday season. It is important to act fast. Know your itinerary, write down your options for airlines and schedules of flights, call the travel agency or airline of choice, ask away, and book.

Some of the most common discounts are: off peak discount fares, off season fares, early bird discounts, fly charter, and group discounts.


Packing light is always a good choice. Having just a carry-on luggage will save you on time when checking in and upon arrival. Pack only the essentials. Pack what you would need for your trip and don’t forget the stuff you need in the plane! Long hauled flights would be more tiring for your body and for your skin. Make sure to bring necessary moisturizers like lotions, lip balms, and argan oil. Use small, clear containers which are safe for airline use. Using one product for different purposes will help you save on space and time. Argan oil for example will help moisturize our face, your hands, your feet, and even your lips. You don’t have to pack so much, be practical on what you’ll bring.


Senior citizens often get a better choice of seats in an airline. Upon check in request for seats that would best suite you. Either an aisle seat, a window seat, or a front row seat to give you more leg room. Ask for an earlier check in as most airlines let senior citizens and passengers with babies board first.

Knowing the rules of your airline of choice will help you have a less difficult flight. Enjoy your vacation and plan ahead!

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