Is it Possible to Go Green in Your Cosmetics?

Many women love wearing make up and there’s nothing wrong with that. Recently there has been a growing call for green and eco-friendly cosmetics which had me wondering if this is possible. Can we really go green with our cosmetics?
Here are a few things that would help make this a possibility.

Choose organic cosmetic products – If you are dedicated and serious about going green with your cosmetics, you should start looking for organic made products. It is also best to go for those organic products with organic made packaging. You may have heard people saying that going all natural is the best way to go and this is actually right s certified organic products are free from toxic chemicals that most non-organic cosmetics are laden with.

In the past, looking for an organic product may have been quite difficult. However because more and more people are calling for organic products, they became easier to find. You just need to be wary of faux organic ones. One way to learn if it’s actually organic is to look at its ingredients. There are also trusted companies that specialize in natural cosmetics. Check out the list here.

Choose smaller packaging – Going for products that use minimal packaging is beneficial to the planet in the long run. So better go for smaller packaging.

Avoid products tested on animals – This practice is just cruel to the animals. Caring for our planet means caring for all the creatures in it including animals. If you want to check if the company you are buying your cosmetics from is still testing their products on animals, check out this list.

By doing these 3 simple things, you are already promoting green cosmetics. If somebody asks you if it’s possible for us to go green with our cosmetics, you already know that it’s possible and you already know that you can do something to help spread the message.

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