Is it Possible to Never Have a Bad Hair Day?!

Bad Hair Day Happens, But You Can Avoid It

Imagine never ever having to deal with bad hair day! Certainly a dream of many! Can this be possible or are we just stretching our imagination a bit too far? It may be possible by following these tips!

Daily Hair Care Tips

If you’re dreaming of wearing beautiful hair everyday, these tips may just be the key!Looking After Normal HairYou’re one lucky woman if your hair is not dry or too oily and even luckier if your hair strands have not been damaged by any chemical hair treatment. Having to wear what we often call as normal hair generally points to a healthy scalp.Maintaining Normal HairHaving normal hair means you can give it a wash a maximum of 5 times in a week. You can use a basic shampoo and a basic conditioner in doing so. Even a 2-in-1 will do. Stay away from using shampoos meant for dry hair or oily hair as this can disrupt the natural balance of your hair.Styling Normal HairThose who have normal hair can blow-dry almost every after washing. But of course it is still best to use protection against the heat. A heat protection product should always be used when blow drying. How you blow-dry also matters. The right way to do it is by keeping the dryer moving along so that the hair doesn’t get burned.Popular Normal Hair MythMany people believe that normal hair is immune from the damaging elements. This is definitely not true. One should compare normal hair to ones fragile washables like lingerie or a cashmere jacket. They are delicate and should be handled with care. Improper care and too rough handling would definitely lead to damage!Looking After Dry HairThere are many factors that can give you a dry head of hair. The sun, climate, too much use of hot blow-dryers and irons as well as genes all can lead to dry hair. But don’t feel too depressed hearing this. There are ways to bring back moisture to your crowning glory!Maintaining Dry HairWhen you have dry hair limit the use of shampoo to at most twice a week. It’s also best to use shampoos with moisturising ingredients. You should condition your hair after shampooing. You don’t need to be overgenerous with the amount of conditioner you slather on your hair. You should treat your hair to a deep-conditioning mask at least once a month. Know more about which hair mask to use for your specific hair problems in our article, “The Ultimate Guide to Effective Hair Masks“. Argan Oil for Dry HairThe Moroccan Argan oil is a great hair conditioner. It is packed with moisturising nutrients such as Vitamin E and essential fatty acids. Its Sterols is one of the best moisturising ingredients as they lock in moisture to the hair. Vitamin E along with other antioxidants in the oil help repair damage from the sun and chemicals.Styling TipsIt’s best to stay away from hot styling tools but if you just can stay away from them at least use a serum to manage the frizz and protect the hair from the heat!Loved these hair tips! Spread these hair tips with your “Like” and “Share”!

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