Is It Possible to Never Have a Bad Hair Day?!(Part 2)

In the article “Is It Possible to Never Have a Bad Hair Day” we have discussed how to care for normal and dry hair. Of course, we wouldn’t leave out those who have curly and oily hair.

Daily Hair Care Tips

Follow these hair care tips religiously and you may just spare yourself the agony of having to wear a bad hair day!

Looking After Curly Hair

Those who naturally have curly hair know that if not cared for their curls will become frizzy. The secret to caring for curly hair is to keep it well moisturised and work with the curls and never against them. Maintaining Curly Hair Compared to straight hair, curly hair tends to be drier. To avoid drying it out even more stick to at most twice a week washing. You may think that this is not too frequent but the truth of the matter is washing at most twice a week gives the scalp oils a chance to moisturise the hair as they normally do. When washing your curls be sure to use a smoothing shampoo as well as a conditioner so that your cuticles are treated and the frizz is managed. Argan Oil for Curly Hair Curly hair will get a lot of moisturising loving from Argan oil. The oil is loaded with Vitamin E and essential fatty acids which are known to have potent moisturising properties. Additionally the oil contains Sterols which prevent moisture from escaping by producing a thin coating on the hair strands. With Argan oil’s ability to moisturise and lock in moisture to hair it just may be the best ally of curly hair! Styling Tips When it comes to drying curly hair, a t-shirt or paper towels will be more ideal than a bath towel. This is because your regular bath towels can give your curly hair frizz. Your fingers or a wide-tooth comb would be good for taking care of tangles and a hair brush is a big No-No! A leave-in conditioner is also recommended.

Looking After Oily Hair

You may hate having too oily hair so you try your best to make sure that your hair have lesser oil. But one should remember that your natural oils are essential to the hair so stripping your hair completely of them is not a good thing. Maintaining Oily Hair Washing should be a daily commitment. A mild detergent-based shampoo is ideal to use. Focus on the roots as it is your scalp that produces the oil and not the hair. Rinse the suds completely so that your hair strands are clean. After shampooing, apply light conditioner to be from the middle of the shafts to the tips. The conditioner will let you untangle without breaking those fragile and thinner hair strands. Styling Tips Usually those with oily hair have fine to very fine hair. It is best to stay away from silicone and heavy creams as well as pomades. An airy mousse would be a more ideal option. Let everyone you know avoid having a bad hair day. Share along these hair care tips!