Is Stress Battering Your Skin? Learn How to Fight Back!

Perhaps the toughest role to play is that of a mother. It’s hard work. With that being said, it’s easy for stress to creep in. Most of the time, many would allow stress to pull them under. Stress can do a lot of damage in the body. It can make you vulnerable to heart problems, cancer and a host of other health problems. But aside from all of these, stress can give your skin a harsh battering.

Here are the harsh effects of stress and we’ve listed down how you can fight back!

Stress can be the culprit behind those premature lines showing on your face. Experts have said that emotional stress triggers a behavioral response. Did you ever notice that when you’re stressed out you tend to eat a lot, have a drink often or even chain smoke? And among these three things, smoking can be the most damaging to your skin. Aside from being under the sun for too long, lighting up a cigarette may be the next worst thing you can do to your skin. Cigarettes contain numerous toxic chemicals and one of them is nicotine. Nicotine causes your blood vessels to narrow therefore depriving the skin of much needed oxygen and nutrients.

How to Beat Stress
Instead of lighting up a cigarette, munching on your cravings or going out for a drink, why not call a friend instead. To keep your mind off things, play a video game or maybe treat yourself to a nice relaxing bath. You may even hit the salon for a mani and pedi or better yet do a DIY mani and pedi

Splotches and Flaking
Is your skin flaking and showing splotches. Is it also itching? It may be that your skin is dehydrated. And if no amount of moisturiser is not making your skin feel any different, stress may be the culprit. As mentioned before, many people, not just the female population respond to stress with drinking. Not only do you get a bad hangover from over drinking, your skin suffers too. Alcohol dehydrates the skin and if you drink too much, your skin is robbed of moisture that keeps it moisturised and responsible for that glowing complexion.

How to Knock Out Stress
If you’ve had a very rough day and you’re thinking of hitting the bar with a couple of friends, make sure to limit your sips. Instead of gulping down your margarita or cosmo, take little sips every now and then. Make conversations. Telling how your day went may help you de-stress.

Sallow Complexion
A sedentary lifestyle is not healthy at all and not only do you start gaining weight, you also start gaining a sallow complexion.

Kicking Out Stress
Find the time and energy to exercise at least thrice a week no matter how tired or beat up you may feel from all that stressing out. Brisk walking or riding a bicycle will surely help kick out stress and uplift your spirits!

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