Is Summer Giving Your Hair a Beating? Style it Right!

There is no such thing as best summer hairstyles. Come to think of it…any hairstyle will unlikely survive the harsh conditions that usually accompany the beach season. The heat will most likely make your scalp sweat more, making your blow-dried hair damp and eventually, limp. The wind will be as unforgiving, insensitive to the hours that you spent setting your hair to perfection. So why the hell am I entitling this post, 5 best summer hairstyles? Because while there may no such thing, there are a number styles which are more apt than others. I mean, these styles are still no match to the heat, but at least you’ll end up with a more presentable do as you stroll along the shores with your perfectly tanned man on your side. Before I give a you a list of hairstyles that you could try out, take note first that all good hairstyles begin with a good hair. No matter how well you follow instructions, if your hair is already damaged and dry in the first place, your beach do will still look damaged and dry. Make sure to condition your hair regularly. I suggest organic conditioners like Argan oil. This miracle oil is currently all the buzz now and understandly so. Also known as liquid gold, Argan oil is packed with antioxidants that will definitely protect your hair from environmental damage. Tousled look Since the wind doesn’t usually cooperate during this time of the year, then go out with your hair looking as if the wind has already blown through it. Give it an added boost by putting root-lifting volumizer before blow drying it. Comb it from roots to ends then spray light hairspray on your now rock-and-roll do! Ponytail with a sheen Have you ever noticed those unsightly flyaways whenever your hair is on a ponytail? Well, guess what? These will get worse with the heat. To avoid this dilemma, apply styling gel to your hairline. This simple trick will surely make your ponytail stand out from the rest. Faux Bob Short hairs, indeed, are more convenient for the summer. However, if you don’t want to cut your mane then why not sport a faux bob? Apply anti-frizz serum first before doing a low ponytail. Tuck the ponytail under then secure with hair pins. Voila! DIY bob without scissors! Poufed Bangs Pin your bangs to prevent them from sticking to your sweaty forehead. To make it more in style, pouf your bangs first before securing them with pins. Spritz light hairspray for a longer lasting pouf. Over the Top Knot Nothing says comfort more than putting all your hair on a knot, away from all your sweaty body parts. For a bit more sass, knot it all the way up to the top of your head.