Is Your Bottle of Argan oil the Real Deal?

Almost Everything Nowadays Are Faked, So Beware
You probably have heard much about the wonders of the Moroccan Argan oil. Indeed, this oil from Morocco has great benefits to the skin, hair and nails. The components of the oil such as Vitamin E, unsaturated essential fatty acids, Squalene, Sterols, Polyphenols and numerous antioxidants are responsible for its tremendous beauty benefits. Another great reason why you should make the switch to this oil is it is pure and 100% organic. Many beauty products are loaded with chemicals that harm the body. The Moroccan Argan oil do not contain such harmful ingredients. Because of the popularity of this oil, consumers should be wary of fake Argan oil. However sad it may seem but the truth is there are still some people out there who would do everything to get money. It is no surprising that some bottles of this Moroccan oil sold from the market are fake. Some people would lie and cheat just to earn money. The question now is how can you spot a fake bottle of this Moroccan oil from the real deal? For the untrained, unaware and most especially eager buyer, it would be quite hard to tell apart the fake oil from the real deal. The sad part is they would only find out that they have the fake oil in their hand when they don’t see the results as promised which in turn make most people more analytic. Usually, we would consult with our friends who are using the oil and do comparisons. Only then would we know that we have the fake liquid gold of Morocco.

Easy Ways to Spot the Fake Argan Oil

  • The price for a bottle is too cheap. Most likely this oil is not the real liquid gold of Morocco. This oil is quite expensive because of the fact that the Argan tree where the oil is extracted from is a protected specie. To put it simply in economic language, the harder it is to get the raw materials for a product, the higher would be its price.Another reason why the real liquid gold of Morocco is quite on the pricey side is because of the high demand for it. Again the simple rules of economics in supply and demand steps in. The higher the demand is for a product, the higher is its value. The unique combination of the rarity of the raw material and the high demand for the oil makes its pricing quite steep. Of course, you should not jump into the conclusion that all highly priced bottles of this liquid gold of Morocco are the real deal.
  • Look at its colour! The cosmetic type of the oil should have a yellow gold-like colour while the culinary type of the oil should have a darker yellow colour, more like a tanned or golden brown colour.
  • Have a sniff to smell the oil! If you are buying the cosmetic type, the oil should have a very faint natural nutty smell while the culinary type would have a stronger nutty aroma.
Remember these tips when buying a bottle of Moroccan Argan oil!