Is Your Hair Thinning Out?

Hair Thinning Indicates That You Did Not Properly Cared For Your Hair

Many of us consider our hair as our crowning glory but even though we have such high regard for our hair we don’t always give it the caring it needs. Most of us think that hair care is all about the hair and never the scalp. This thinking can result to locks that lack lustre and thinning hair. The truth of the matter is healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp.

Your scalp is actually made of skin and this is where thick, healthy and plump locks begin. Did you know that every strand of hair in your head has its very own blood supply with nerves that take care of regulating the flow of blood through your scalp. The continuous blood flow which is referred to a microcirculation is crucial in maintaining the protein called keratin in the hair. Keratin gives the hair its strength and ensures that the locks are kept healthy.

There are certain elements that are crucial for keratin such as amino acids, vitamins, sulfur derivatives and minerals. During our younger years, the scalp can easily absorb all these needed elements. But when we start adding on our age, the body starts to produce less and less of these crucial elements which results to lower quality of keratin. All of these things translate to weaker, more brittle and thinning hair.

Is Your Hair Thinning Out?

So is thinning hair inevitable when we grow old? There are of course other causes of thinning hair aside from aging. Certain illnesses, stress as well as certain medications can have a negative impact on the blood flow to the scalp. Anytime that blood flow to the scalp gets disrupted this would impact the hair’s growth cycle and therefore can lead to thinning hair and other hair problems.

But before you panic about those strands of hair you see on your pillow or in the showers, you should remember that hair loss is normal. It only is considered a problem when your hair starts thinning out. This just means that you are losing hair more than the normal rate or the amount of hair growing back is less than what you’ve lost.

Are You to Blame for Your Thinning Hair?

Aside from these things, you may actually be the very culprit as to why your hair is thinning out? If you’ve been lathering on tons and tons of hair products on your hair then you have no one to blame for your hair loss but yourself. Because your scalp is actually skin, it is porous and is likely to get clogged with products you put on it plus its natural oils.

Bring Back Your Healthy Hair

How do you get your healthy hair back? That’s easy! You just need to ensure that your scalp is not clogged and you improve on the microcirculation in your scalp. Massage your scalp regularly for 10 minutes. Three times a week of scalp massage is ideal. Essential oils like Argan oil would be great for your scalp. Argan oil is loaded with nutrients that keep the hair healthy. The oil is also absorbed easily by the scalp because of its Sterols and Squalene!

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