Is Your Make-Up Free of Toxic Chemicals?

Women love putting on make-up. Some would even say that they never leave their home without putting make-up first. But did you know that your habit of giving your face a little powder, accentuating your eyes with an eyeliner, giving your cheeks a quick swirl of the blush and swiping your lips with your favourite shade of lipstick can get you in deep trouble?

This is not to sway you from using make up but the truth of the matter is, numerous cosmetic products actually contain chemicals that are or can be toxic to the body. You should be careful in choosing your make-up. Make sure that you would only allow cosmetic products that are without any toxic chemicals to touch your skin. It has been said that there is a high price to pay for beauty but one’s health is too much of a price for beauty’s sake. Your health should never be sacrificed in the name of beauty.

Here are some ingredients commonly found in popular cosmetics that you should avoid.

  • TalcLoose and pressed powder would usually have talc. Why should you need to avoid cosmetics products with talc? Studies conducted by the Cancer Prevention Coalition in the University of Illinois associates talc with asbestos and lung cancer. Talc particles are very small so they can easily get into the lungs and start off inflammatory reaction that can lead to pneumonia, lung disease and cancer. Eveb the cosmetics industry acknowledges the dangers and harmful effects of talc.
  • Parabens and Nano particlesParabens are commonly found in cosmetic products and other personal care products. They are used as preservatives and they are effective in preventing any microbial growth. But parabens also have ill effects to the body. Studies have shown that parabens wreak havoc in the reproductive system and numerous studies have associated parabens as potentially carcinogenic. In 2004, a British study found high levels of parabens in human breast cancer tumours. The very tiny nano particles that are commonly found in cosmetics to give that smooth glow finish are also known for the same ill effects on the body.
  • LeadLead is commonly found in lipsticks and you should be avoiding any lipstick no matter how beautiful the brand may be that has lead in its ingredient as lead is a neurotoxin. Pregnant women are children are mostly affected by lead. It can cause learning deficiency, language as well as behavioural problems. Lead has been known to cause lowered IQ, a dwindle in school performance and an up in aggression. The more you use cosmetic products with lead in them, the more lead is accumulated in your body.
  • Mineral OilYou would not believe how many popular companies of cosmetics use crude oil in their products. Definitely you are not a car and you would not want to pour gasoline all over your body. But the mineral oil found in many popular cosmetics actually come from crude oil. Mineral oil coats the skin like plastic and has been known to cause irritations, allergies and premature skin aging.

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