Is Your Salon Clean Enough? 6 Clean Signs to Look For

Good Housekeeping Is Important In A Nail Salon

Don’t let your treasured salon session turn into a nightmare of infection and bad sanitation. Is your salon clean enough that you should not worry about bacterial and fungal infections? Look out for these top 6 signs of a clean salon before settling on that spa chair.

6 Things to Check Out

  1. Protective equipmentPersonal protective equipment shouldn’t be restricted to construction and chemical companies. Service companies like nail salons should require their technicians to wear protection, too. Masks and gloves are the basic protection that salon employees should use when tending to their customers. Salons are also expected to provide masks to their customers especially when acrylic is an ingredient in their nail care products.
  2. Technician’s handsCheck whether the technicians wash their hands before attending to you. They should also ask you to wash your hands or feet before beginning the treatment. The most effective way of preventing the spread of germs is through proper hand washing. Pay attention to your technician’s grooming and personal hygiene. Check out for broken skin, dirty nails and signs of infection. Pay attention to the other ladies being serviced and look out for infected nails or skin. The technician shouldn’t be touching any of their body parts while doing a service and they should wash their hands when they sneeze or cough.
  3. Tools and equipmentClean instruments should be stored separate from the soiled ones. Check out the condition of these tools. Do they look well maintained or showing wear and tear? Don’t let a technician go near you with dirty nail files or buffers. Ask for a disposable one to be used for you.
  4. AutoclaveStainless tools can be sterilized using an autoclave, the kind that you see at your dentist’s. Salons that use sterilizers (an equipment that looks like an oven toaster) may not be effectively sterilizing their tools because this equipment does not kill bacteria.
  5. Tubercoloidal disinfectantIf an autoclave is not available, a disinfectant labeled tubercoloidal is your best bet. This disinfectant comes in a clear blue solution. A cloudy solution means that the product was not properly diluted and will be ineffective in killing microorganisms.
  6. Good housekeepingA salon that is organized and well-kept is a good indication of cleanliness. Look out for disorganized shelves and floors littered with nail clippings, hair or debris. Are dirty towels stacked in an orderly manner or just tossed haphazardly into the laundry basket? Check out the bathroom. These are easy to spot signs that tell you if your favorite salon is clean.

Before heading out to your favorite nail salon, make sure that you are taking care of your nails properly. Practice a good nail care regimen to keep your nails strong and healthy. Apply a daily dose of Argan oil massaged onto your nail beds. Argan oil is known to contain ingredients that can help strengthen your nails.

A salon visit should be a pampering session and not a worrisome expedition. Look out for these 6 signs on your next salon visit.

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