Is Your Skin Ready for the Winter Season?

Tired of having a pale and dull complexion this winter season? Because of the cold weather during this season, most of us suffer from having these two types of skin complexion and not to mention having a too dry skin.However there is great news! There are tricks that you can use to combat the bad effects of winter on your skin. Do not despair as you can definitely still look ravaging even this time of the cold season.

Winter Skin Tricks

  • Remember Your Skin Below Your Neck – Most of us are concerned only about our face and we tend to forget about the skin below the neck. We cover the red blotches on our face with a foundation but we forget about the skin below the neck.The cold temperature plays its effects all over the skin and when it is time for you to attend a party and you would want to wear something that reveals your shoulders and neck (say for example a décolleté dress) then you would also be revealing an uneven skin complexion.

    What you should do is use your facial product packed with hydrating and moisturising goodness also to your neck and shoulders. Your skin’s suppleness and healthy condition will be maintained by doing so.

  • Good Old Honey – Rummage your kitchen cabinet and use good old honey on your skin. Honey is an excellent skin hydrator. Honey actually attracts water to your skin cells and seals it in. Since honey is loaded with antimicrobial properties, this makes it great for all types of skin. If you are suffering from acne, you don’t have to worry about using honey to your skin.For a soft and smooth skin, wash your face and massage a teaspoonful of honey unto your face. Let it stay for 10 minutes and then rinse it off with warm water.
  • Indulge in a Steam Bath – Definitely the sauna is something that you should avoid during this cold season as it is dry heat. What you need is a steam bath. A steam bath will open up your pores which will make it more ready to absorb moisture. Make sure to immediately apply a potent moisturiser after stepping out of your steam bath.
  • Use Only a Powerful Moisturiser – A potent moisturiser is Argan oil. Argan oil contains a high amount of Vitamin E, essential unsaturated fatty acids, Squalene, Linoleic acid, Polyphenols, Carotenoids plus many more antioxidants. The only important thing that you need to know about these components of the oil is that they are essential nutrients that the skin needs.
  • For Your Soles – You would not want to have rock hard soles would you? Make them softer by using a foot cream packed with moisturiser. Appy the foot cream every night and make sure to wear socks when sleeping. This allows the moisturiser to be absorbed even by the thickest layer of the skin.

These tricks are very effective in bringing back the life and healthy condition of your skin during the bitter and cold winter season. Just follow these simple tricks for a ravaging skin!

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