Is Your Skin Screaming for Your Attention?

If you think your skin has seen better days, pay close attention. Your body might be trying to tell you something. Uneven skin pigmentation This is usually a sign of malnutrition, dehydration or fatigue. Uneven skin coloring could point to a problem with the cells responsible for pigmentation. If your skin cells aren’t functioning properly, that’s reason enough to look into the whys of it. Try getting better sleep and rest, or investing more in protein-rich food, as well as fruits and vegetables, and see if your skin clears up. A visit to the doctor might be in order too. Acne The appearance of acne or worse, pimples, can be an indication of bacterial build up on skin. Although it is good to note that acne may be caused by hormonal imbalance and other factors. This condition is common on the face, though pimples can also appear on other parts of the body like on the back, legs and arms. Acne develops when the pores on your face are blocked by dead skin cells, dust particles or even bacteria. This sets off an inflammatory response that causes swelling, redness, itchiness, and the production of pus. Because bacterial infection can increase in seriousness as time goes on, if you have a particularly severe form of acne, see a dermatologist. Wrinkles The process of aging will to an extent result in the skin losing some of its elasticity, ultimately leading to deep folds, sagging and wrinkles. However, if you notice that your skin is a bit more wrinkled than should be at your age, consider taking a look at your skin care plan. Your skin may be having problems retaining moisture. Rashes People can develop allergic reactions to anything, from shellfish to poison ivy to dust. Rashes often indicate a skin reaction to something you ate or came in contact with, but it can also develop as a result of too much moisture. Dry, rough skin If you have really dry skin, it’s not common for your skin to start flaking. Flaky skin can be an indicator of more serious conditions like psoriasis or thyroid disorder, though at the very least it could simply mean the upper layers of your skin isn’t getting the nourishment it needs. This also usually means that the skin is having a hard time retaining moisture. An effect of having dry, rough skin is the skin losing its elasticity and exposing your skin to abrasive surfaces may result in a break in the integrity of your skin. Chapped lips is also due to dryness. Sounds familiar? You may have experienced this following long days of sun exposure or during a bout of sunburn. Cold temperatures can also lead to dry skin and chapped lips. Argan oil is a great addition to your skin care. Argan oil contains vitamin E and essential fatty acids which are both potent moisturisers. Its Sterols help skin retain moisture more effectively. Found these tips helpful? Spread these skin loving tips around!