Is Your Skin Showing Signs of Aging?

Our skin is affected by both internal and external factors which is why you would notice that from birth, the skin would undergo constant changes. As we start to age, changes happens in the structure and function of the skin’s visible layer or the epidermis and also on the dermis layer.

We can not stop aging as this is a natural biological process. As we age the skin starts struggling to keep up with its natural functions and metabollic processes. The result is a slump in circulation therefore oxygen and nutrient supply are not as much as they used to be. Because of this decrease in oxygen and nutrient supply, skin cells are not able to properly repair and replenish themselves which results to your skin gradually losing its natural oils. The skin’s acid mantle which serves as its protection weakens as a result. This is the reason why as we age our skin becomes dry, more sensitive, sags and develops wrinkles.

Signs of skin aging start appearing when we reach the age of 25. At this stage the regenerative process starts to slow down. Replacing of old skin cells become more slower and so does the turnover of skin cells at the surface. You may notice that your wounds do not heal as fast compared to your younger years. Once we reach the age of 46, our skin starts to thin. This makes the skin more prone to damge from surface abrasion and the skin also becomes more sensitive to allergens and other outside factors.

We would all age eventually and we can not stop signs of aging from taking over our skin. However we can delay signs of skin aging. Most of us would wish to bring back our youth or hold on to our youthfulness forever but we can only hold on it for a time. With that said, here are ways on how you can delay and minimise signs of skin aging.

  • Your lifestyle greatly contributes to the aging of your skin. Lack of sleep, too much alcohol intake, smoking, lack of exercise and unhealthy diet can speed up the process of skin aging. So if you want to delay signs of skin aging then you better wise up and start living a healthy lifestyle.
  • Unprotected and prolonged sun exposure speeds up the process of skin aging like a bullet train. Avoid too much sun exposure and if you would be outdoors remember to lather on a healthy amount of sunscreen lotion.
  • Learn to relax, enjoy life and cope with stress. Stress also makes your skin age faster.
  • Skin care products containing harsh chemicals will definitely put you right in the the skin aging express lane. It is best to use 100% organic products that are free from harsh chemicals but rather packed with nutrients beneficial to the skin.

Moroccan Argan Oil and Delaying Signs of Skin Aging

The Moroccan Argan oil is 100% organic skin care product which gives the skin much loving. It helps delay and minimise signs of skin aging. It’s loaded with Vitamin E, essential fatty acids, Phenols, Sterols and numerous antioxidants beneficial to the skin!

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