Is Your Skin Sporting Razor Burns and Bumps After Shaving?

Shaving Can Have A Negative Effect On Your Skin
If you shave the hair in your legs and arms, you probably get the occasional razor burn and bumps. These burns and bumps can make you scratch so bad and they can be painful too. The truth is this shaving problem can be chronic. Razor burns and razor bumps are two different things although many people use these two terms interchangeably. Ever seen your skin have a rash after shaving? That is what you call as razor burn while razor bumps are those small bumps having this reddish colour that come out after shaving. Some people also refer to razor bumps as ingrown hairs. If every single time you shave you get razor burns or razor bumps then you are among the unfortunate ones. However even if you get occasional razor bumps or razor burns after shaving, you still can not deny the fact that they irritate the skin and at the same time they are not too pleasant to look at.

Relief from Razor Burns and Razor Bumps

The best way to avoid having razor bumps or razor burns is to not shave at all. But not many women would find this solution acceptable. So what are your other options? Aftershave Lotion for Women You are reading this right. Aftershave lotions are not just for men! There are numerous aftershave lotions available for women too! There are different types of these products and if you shave your bikini area, you will find a product specifically for this sensitive area. The Moroccan Argan Oil The Moroccan Argan oil will help relieve your skin from razor bumps and razor burns. It has Polyphenols which help relieve skin allergies and irritations. Polyphenols is also responsible for cleansing the skin. The oil can also reduce redness, itchiness and irritation because of its Sterols. It contains numerous nutrients with anti-inflammatory properties which is great for treating razor burns. Not only is the oil ideal for treating razor burns and bumps. This oil is packed with nutrients such as Vitamin E, essential fatty acids, Squalene, Ferulic acid and many more that help keep the skin healthy, protected, moisturised, youthful and beautiful. Baby Skin Care Products You can also get relief from razor burns and bumps from products specifically made for baby skin. If you have a baby or a toddler you probably have baby skin care products in your home that you can use as after-shave product. Baby oil as well as creams for diaper-rash are helpful in getting you relief from burns and bumps from shaving.

First Aid for Razor Burns and Razor Bumps

You can use the Argan oil as your first-aid treatment for shaving burns and bumps to let the inflammation and itching die down. You can also make use of a hydrocortisone cream but you should see to it that you apply only a thin layer and not use it too often as hydrocortisone creams have steroids which can cause the skin to thin out. Another good first aid treatment is aloe vera.